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Posted Tue, Apr 06, 2021
Hands up if you’ve ever been told that milk is the best source of calcium. Now I’m no psychic, but I can sense that we all have our hands up to that one!
Posted Thu, Mar 18, 2021
Now imagine the coffee filter is your liver, and your body is the pot. One of the liver's main jobs is to filter toxins that come into your body, but what if you just keep piling toxins onto the filter? ?? You get a tattoo, take prescriptions, d...
Posted Mon, Mar 01, 2021
Diet can have a major impact on brain health. The brain requires a lot of energy, using about 20% of our daily caloric intake. It requires good fuel to function as well as certain nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and B vitam...
Posted Tue, Feb 09, 2021
The thyroid is a tiny gland that plays a big role in bodily function: it controls metabolism, regulates heart rate, and even affects cholesterol levels.
Posted Mon, Jan 25, 2021
The lifestyle practices and nutritional choices of each person are different and will suit their specific needs - this is called bio-individuality. Combining this with the knowledge that local, seasonal foods are the top choice to incorporate in...
Posted Thu, Jan 21, 2021
If you suffer from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, you know that it can be difficult to treat. Your thyroid function can alternate between underactive and overactive, and medication often seems ineffective.
Posted Fri, Jan 15, 2021
Newer construction methods and materials, water damage that was not properly addressed, high indoor humidity levels, and genetic susceptibility are all factors that play a role in whether a person becomes sick from mold.
Posted Fri, Dec 18, 2020
In order to find the right treatment for brain fog and fatigue, you must first discover the root cause. Brain fog and fatigue are merely symptoms, not a disorder in and of themselves, and to fully resolve symptoms you must treat their underlying...
Posted Mon, Nov 16, 2020
Calcium is an essential nutrient for bone health, and especially needed during adolescence when bone building peaks, between ages 12 and 15.
Posted Thu, Nov 05, 2020
If you’ve been experiencing chronic insomnia, along with abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, headaches and joint pain, you may be wondering: can celiac disease cause insomnia?
Posted Fri, Oct 30, 2020
Experts are just beginning to uncover the link between respiratory health and immune health, but the connection so far has been surprising.
Posted Wed, Sep 16, 2020
Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving great health. We are all uniquely built to handle different foods in different capacities, called bio-individuality
Posted Sun, Aug 23, 2020
Have you ever found yourself unable to concentrate or focus, forgetting simple things, or struggling to find the right words in a conversation?
Posted Wed, Aug 12, 2020
You may be suffering from loss of exercise tolerance, meaning your body is not recovering properly from workouts.Having an off day occasionally is nothing to worry about, but if you find you’re consistently having a hard time handling your worko...
Posted Sat, Aug 08, 2020
For a person with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, you might be setting yourself up for a crash of epic proportions; protecting your adrenal health is vital to managing your thyroid condition.
Posted Mon, Jun 29, 2020
Your brain isn't like other body parts. If your knee is inflamed, it hurts. So how do you know if your brain is inflamed? One of the most common symptoms of brain inflammation is brain fog,
Posted Wed, Jun 17, 2020
Endometriosis is the growth of endometrial tissue in irregular areas of the body. Endometrial tissue is normally only found lining the uterus, but this condition is caused by endometrial growth in fallopian tubes
Posted Fri, May 22, 2020
If you have ever experienced hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), you may be wondering, “Why does my blood sugar drop?