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Posted Mon, Jun 24, 2019
As the weather heats up, this could mean plenty of outdoor fun for you and your pup! While spending more time outdoors can be a great way to burn off excess energy and can be fun for all involved
Posted Mon, Jun 10, 2019
With summer fast approaching and school about to let out, vacation planning is in full swing.
Posted Mon, May 20, 2019
Do dogs have Allergies? If so, which ones and how can I help?
Posted Fri, May 10, 2019
Dogs are curious, social animals and enjoy chasing just about any yard critter they lay their eyes on. Unfortunately for our precious pups, this could result in unpleasant encounters with one particularly stinky creature – skunks!
Posted Mon, Apr 29, 2019
As pet parents, we love our furry family members and know that they love us, too! It’s easy for us to show affection towards our pups with treats, belly rubs, long walks, or a cuddle session.
Posted Mon, Apr 15, 2019
Did you know that Dogtopia has a Dog Behaviorist, Veterinarian and Environmental Biologist on staff to answer any questions about health, safety, nutrition and dog behavior?? Ask on-line here...
Posted Sun, Apr 14, 2019
Just like us, our furry family members can become stressed and anxious. Being aware of the signals dogs show when nervous, stressed or unhappy helps prevent unwanted behavior and helps your dog live a happy and healthy life.
Posted Mon, Apr 08, 2019
Some say 'YOU CAN'T TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS' but at Dogtopia, we have found that is not true!
Posted Mon, Apr 08, 2019
April is #NationalPetFirstAidAwarenessMonth! Learn about pet first aid and how to protect your pup against potential dangers.
Posted Sat, Mar 30, 2019
Bringing home a new puppy is one of the most exciting experiences a pet parent can have and it’s natural to want to show them off to the world.
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