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Posted Mon, Nov 25, 2019
Many people would do anything for their pets. Deluxe grooming, special treats, belly scratches at six in the morning. Which is why we suffer when our pets suffer. Watching a beloved pet wrestle with pain, seizures, anxiety, and even cancer can f...
Posted Sun, Nov 03, 2019
This holy oil was used by Jesus and his disciples when anointing the sick, the troubled, and the poor. Lesions; pain from gout, arthritis, and other similar ailments;
Posted Mon, Oct 28, 2019
While CBD research is still in its infancy, there have been miraculous benefits that people have found with using CBD oil. At Ojas, we see stories every day of people feeling better after just days of using their first CBD oil doses.
Posted Mon, Oct 21, 2019
It’s almost impossible to scroll through social media and news sites now without seeing an article promoting CBD oil. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid the comes from the hemp plant.
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