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Posted Thu, Jun 16, 2022
Gardening is an art form, and if you’re just getting started as a gardener, it’s important that you learn about the best tips for a good garden. Click through to read a handful of tips that will help you put together an impressive garden.
Posted Tue, May 17, 2022
Have you ever stopped to consider if grass is the medium you want to lay down in your yard? Before you go with the status quo, think outside of the box and consider one of these three grass alternatives.
Posted Tue, Apr 19, 2022
A recent report from analyzed several factors to determine the city’s affordability, including costs for housing, food
Posted Tue, Apr 05, 2022
Property taxes can be confusing, as there doesn't appear to be an obvious, consistent rate. Still, there is a method to the apparent madness.
Posted Tue, Mar 08, 2022
If you don't want to live in a haunted mansion, a dark hallway can feel like a frightening thing. But there are ways to brighten it up. Click through to see a few tricks for making your dark hallway pop.
Posted Tue, Feb 22, 2022
Do you have trouble closing your kitchen cabinets and drawers? It might be time to throw some things out or donate them to your local charity shop.
Posted Tue, Feb 08, 2022
The architecture of southern European countries, including Spain, Italy and Greece, evokes a sense of romance that has captivated
Posted Tue, Jan 25, 2022
When you've lived in a property for years, you seldom think about how it looks to outsiders. After all, you know your home from the inside out,
Posted Tue, Jan 11, 2022
Paint comes in several finishes, also known as sheens. But when you're deciding what to use in your house, how do you know which finish is right?
Posted Tue, Dec 07, 2021
There may not be a house in the country without that untamed junk drawer, but that doesn't mean you can't strive for organization. If you have a drawer, or multiple drawers, stuffed full of mismatched items, how can you even begin to organize it?
Posted Wed, Nov 24, 2021
Everyone talks about the steep learning curve of buying your first home, and they're right to. But your first purchase is also the easiest home purchase you'll ever make. After that, you need to not only find
Posted Wed, Nov 24, 2021
Home renovations can be fun and rewarding but also can turn into a nightmare. When it comes to bathroom renovations,
Posted Tue, Oct 26, 2021
The market is constantly changing and pricing a home continues to be one of the biggest challenges real estate professionals face on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for sellers to want to price their homes higher
Posted Tue, Oct 12, 2021
The agent you're working with can guide you through the process of making a purchase offer. You'll want to start by learning as much as you can about how much the property is worth.
Posted Tue, Sep 28, 2021
Do you always find yourself in the kitchen? Whether they're making meals or doing homework, families tend to gravitate toward their kitchen space.
Posted Wed, Sep 15, 2021
There is nothing worse than a cold tile floor under your feet, especially in the winter. Many homeowners today are fighting back by installing radiant heating under the floors of their bathrooms. Have you considered this option for your home?
Posted Tue, Aug 17, 2021
It's currently estimated that 25% to 30% of adults will work from home at least part of the time by the end of 2021. The era of the dedicated home office is here and will probably be a long-term trend for new homes.
Posted Tue, Aug 03, 2021
Your bathroom should be a relaxing oasis. You want it to be a place where you can spend your time getting ready with access to all the most important things. It's a place to relax in the shower or tub. But most of all, it should look fabulous. H...
Posted Tue, Feb 05, 2019
If you're looking to redecorate your home, French country design is a great option. It's a classic style that seems to never go out of style. Here's some guidance on how to choose pieces that fit into this design aesthetic and where to go to fin...