Sago Palms and Flower Pot Sets

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Price: $25.00

I have dozens of flower pots filled with Sago Palms.  Most are in sets, but you can buy individual plants as well. Once sago and pot is $30, or you can buy a set for $50.  This is less than the price for the flower pot itself. 

These plants are 5+ years old and well established.  They are third generation, and if you transplant them in the ground they will sprout "pups" which can be harvested and replanted. to grow more.  My original investment in 18 plants has been repaid many times over the years from the sale (or by giving them away) to others. 

When I was picking them out years ago, I told the nursery manager to give me a plant that I could not kill - he said Sagos were here at the time of the dinosaurs, so that would be a good plant to start with. He was right!

If you need flower pots, I have dozens to choose from (all at liquidation prices).  If you need sagos, you can buy pups for $5 each. 

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