New 2-pk Newest Foot Peel Mask 2 Pack For Cracked Heels-Cherry

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Baby Soft Peeling Mask -baby soft peeling mask gently removes dead skin, making for a smoother appearance. It peels away hard corns and calluses, repairing even the most cracked heels. The perfect option to get ready for beach season!
Works Well, Smell well - each package contains 2 PAIRS of Cherry scented foot exfoliating booties, so you can repeat the peeling in a month after the first one for best result.
Highly Moisturizing And Wrinkle Resistance - Can effectively improve dry, rough, crack foot skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, thus improve skin vitality, and nourish the skin, especially during the dry season.
Removes and Repairs Cracked, Dry and Callused Feet - Exfoliating Foot Peel Masks are a painless and gentle solution for eliminating the outer layers of dead skin on feet and heels to unveil soft and supple skin in 1-2 weeks!
Feet Peeling Mask Made From All-natural Ingredients- Unlike other baby foot peel mask products that irritate the skin and make it more sensitive, this foot mask peel is one you can use over and over again without causing further damage to your feet. Made only from natural ingredients proven & tested to nourish, restore & protect your feet
Safe and Pain- Free Comprises of all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts that are safe to use on both men and women. There is zero pain in this process of renewing the skin on your feet.
Simple and Relaxing to Use – Treat yourself to a time of relaxation and self-care without breaking the bank. Slip on the booties and put your feet up as the mask’s formula soaks into your feet. After removal of the mask, the treatment will begin its work. No need for peeling or scrubing, the old skin will automatically peel off on its own after a few days until only the fresh and new remains.
Convenient Foot Mask For Both Men & Women- The disposable booties of this baby feet peeling mask set can be used not just by women but by men as well because it can fit most sizes even up to size 11. With basic instructions included in the packaging of our foot mask, anyone can easily use it in the comforts of your home. 
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