Lenovo Office / Gaming Pc (Intel i7-8700, 16gb Ram, Gtx 1050Ti)

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Price: $500.00 Firm

For sale is a Lenovo office "style" pc, don't let its looks fool you this machine isn't a slouch, with a Intel i7-8700, 16gb of ddr4 ram, and a gtx 1050Ti this machine can handle your day to day office use or be a good entry level to mid-range gaming pc.

The original hard drive and intel optane drive have been removed for this sale, these were replaced with a Samsung 870 Evo 500gb ssd, which I just bought for this pc from Bestbuy less than a week ago provides much better speeds and overall a way better experience. From a complete powered off state to fully into windows is around or even under 20 seconds, if you have never used a pc with a ssd before once you do you will never want to go back to a old hhd. The computer still has a tool-less hhd slot that I have wired up so if you would like to install another drive for more space you can and will take under a minute to do as it's super simple.

For anyone interested in its gaming abilities I recommend you search on youtube "gtx 1050ti gaming benchmarks" or "gtx 1050ti (insert game here) benchmark" This will give you the most accurite information on what games and what settings you can expect with the graphics card installed in this machine which is the most important part of a gaming machine.

Please note this ad is for the desktop tower only, the keyboard was used as a reference to the size of the machine and does not come with it, you will still need a monitor, keyboard and mouse to use it which you will need to purchase separately.

I'm not interested in any trades unless you have a rtx 3000 series gpu I can use in my gaming pc, in which let me know. If you also have any questions shoot me a email. Located in Creekside.

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