New Splatter Shield Splatter Guard 13” Protects Against Burns Grease Plus Bonus

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Brand new

BLOCKS EVERY DROP – SEE YOUR FOOD COOK: Splatter guard with bonus silicone handle STOPS 100% of grease and oil while letting steam escape for even, crisp frying. EXTRA FINE see-thru mesh splatter screen means YOU STILL SEE YOUR FOOD frying, without getting your stovetop messy or putting your skin in harms way.

EASIEST CLEAN UP – DISHWASHER SAFE SPLATTER GUARD: Use it, rinse it, then pop it in your dishwasher. RUST PROOF, Food Grade, 304 Stainless Steel frying pan splatter guard comes out looking SHINY and NEW – no scrubbing, wiping or degreasing required! ULTRA-VERSATILE – FITS ALL SIZE PANS: Splatter guard for stove top covers ANY frying pan, cast iron pan, pot or skillet up to 13”, then doubles as a handy strainer, cooling rack or steamer before storing away with ease.

PROTECTS YOUR FOOD – PREVENTS INTRUSION: Don’t let bugs and debris become the bane of your cooking experience. Keep pests, grill side yard debris and anything else floating around out of your fry-up!

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