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Windows 10 / Server (HP ML110 G7 Server)

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Price: $199.00 Or Best Offer

HP ML110 G7 Server for sale

 - Convenient desktop form factor (with room for lots of add-in cards & devices) 

 - Loaded with 32GB of RAM already, so it's ready to go !

 - Linux, Windows 10, Windows Server 2019 are all fully supported

 - Lots of USB ports, room for hard drives 

 - INCLUDES HP ILO3 (remote network KVM) - best version which shows FULL video, mouse, keyboard via network - SUPER handy - even before the OS boots! 

 - This is a server computer.  However, it easily runs Win10 (or any other operating system under the sun) and even runs VMWare ESXi, if you'd like to get certified with ESXi 7, for example.  ESXi *can manage* the HP ILO3 controller, so ESXi gives you 100% functionality (it's really, really nice). 

 - Will work perfectly as a Win10 desktop.  That said, it is a server, and so it does have fans.  The fans may bug some people.  I got used to it...but I did want to mention this. With 32GB of RAM, this will run anything very well. 

 - Firmwares current to mid-2020.  

 - Will accept trades for modern Denon/Mirantz/etc. AVRs.  Those without HDMI & ARC (HDMI1.4) cannot be considered.  

- CPU:  Xeon E3-1220 

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