Claw Foot Darkroom Lamp - Camera Buff Gift

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Antique Premier Combination Lamp No.1 
Amber Glass Claw Foot Darkroom Portable Lamp


Here's a beautiful piece of history (mid-late 19th century)
Great gift for any photographer or lamp collector. 

The lamp measures 12 1/2" to top of the handle and is 6" W x 6 1/8" D. All doors, hinges, slides, and knob are functional. Original glass is included, complete, and crack free. The hinged hood adjusts over the andled red glass window. On one side another hinged door opens to reveal an opague glass for negative retouching while on the other side a sliding door raises and lowers with an amber toned  porthole glass and burner adjustment knob. 
The last side contains a full sized clear glass window that slides out from the top allowing for the removal and refilling of the font.
The lantern stands on 4 raised griffon / gargoyle claw type feet that add character 

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