Four Strollers (2 Double!) Phil Ted, Graco, Jeep

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5 strollers for sale:

1) Black Phil & Teds double - fits through normal doors - best stroller ever! -slim profile - not specifically a jogging stroller, but it works as a jogger for serious joggers to jog with  - great condition - comes with sun shade $250 (original price $650)

2) Jeep double stroller - $125 - great condition

3) Graco - lightweight easy fold stroller - great for shopping/grocery stores, etc. this stroller is a workhorse and is AWESOME! $45

4) Red Castle Whizz - this is the cadillac of strollers - it's a French company and there aren't many in America. It is so amazing I actually debated saving it for when I have grandkids, but that's a ridiculous waste of garage space so selling it. ! It comes with a whole slew of extras - extra washable seat pads to change colors, rain shield, sun shield, etc. Lovely for trails - it's a smooth ride. One wheel might need repair in the inner tube.  $250 (original price $600)

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