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Give your neck a break! If your camera strap leaves you with neck strain here is a great way to control your camera and improve your photos. 

We sold hundreds of these strap on eBay for $9.95 + S+H, and now want to liquidate our remaining inventory on Craigslist. You are welcome to come by our studio and pick up one or a dozen (respond to this ad and we will send you directions). These are brand new and you can buy one for $5 or 3 for $10!

If your camera strap has literally become a "pain in the neck" you may want to try using a wrist strap to take some of the weight off your shoulders. This leather camera grip strap is fully adjustable and made of micro-fiber padding. This ensures a solid and comfortable grip while increasing safety, stability, and control. Perfect for shooting stills or video. Try one and you will see what we mean. 

The grip securely mounts to your camera base, and you can use it with or without your camera strap. It also has a .25" tripod connector, so you won't have to remove the grip strap when you want to mount it to your tripod. 

Also, you can use BOTH your camera strap and this grip together (see how in the pictures below)

If you are an eBay seller and want to buy the remaining inventory, we will shoot you a price for the entire lot (approximately 200 units).

We are also liquidating Keisel Camera Bags at a fraction of their retail price.

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