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Please see attached photos for more details. This was our neighbor's organ - when he was moving, several years ago, he couldn't take it with him and I volunteered to take it.

(near the Woodlands High School on Research Forest)

It has been sitting in my garage since, and it needs to find a good home. I didn't pay anything for it, and don't want any money from it's next owner. He loved the organ, and I'm hopeful someone a bit more educated/talented can get it up and running.

I've never attempted to do anything with it, so I have no idea it's working condition. All I recall him saying is that all it needed was to be 'wired up to some amps and you're good to go'. Again, it has sat in my garage since that day and while it's been dry all this time, I do worry that it's exposure to the heat/humidity is not great for neither the wood nor the electronics.

It comes with a bench and the pictured platform underneath the bench. It's heavy, so while I'm happy to assist loading it up I would suggest having at least two people.

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