New High Quality Weighted Eye Mask

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Price: $15.00
Brand new
Glass beads filling (like in weighted blankets).
This has unique contoured larger & deeper eye cavities which will provide eyes more space & 0% pressure. It won't touch your eyelashes, eyelid, or eye makeup. The unique design is pain-free & it has high elastic. Won't catch on your hair or snap pillow in any sleep position.
When people feel physically and mentally tired after a day's work, their eyes are quite tired. At this time, if they put on an effective eye mask before going to bed, they will try their best to reduce the distribution of nourishing oil applied on their face and eyes, and they will feel very relaxed and relaxed. Darkness can also boost the body's production of melatonin, so wearing an eye mask during the day is good for sleep. Under the action of gravity filler, the eye mask can well cover around the eyes, which is more suitable than the general eye mask. The exquisite technology of this mask is more comfortable during the use of the eye mask, which is conducive to fast sleep.
9" x 3.5"
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