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Price: $100.00

20Q Kodi Cooler Prize Pack:

Kodi Cooler (has extra large drain plug) 

Beef Loving Texans apron, hat, cooking mit, and recipe book

Coca Cola bag, cutting board, and recipe book

King's Hawaiian bag, hat, shirt, lei, sunglasses (not pictured), and small athletic cool down towel (not pictured)

Kodi Cooler Unbearably Strong – unbearably cold

The KODI advantage: Serious benefits and features not found in lesser coolers… period. Tough Durability – whitewater kayak grade, seamless roto-molded plastic construction for maximum strength and durability. Two inch thick walls packed with cold-locking insulation for increased ice retention capability. The cooler body and lid and packed with more than 2” of dense foam insulation. KODI also uses an air-tight freezer style gasket to seal and lock in the cold. Best of all is the patent pending KODI Liftease vacuum release button. Eliminate the struggle to open your cooler lid. Just push the button to release the air vacuum and lift the lid with ease!

I won this prize pack, but won't use it. 

Price $100 (great deal, the cooler alone retails for $157 + tax)

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