New Fireproof Document & Money Bag Large Fireproof & Water Resistant Bag (15x12 x5”) Photos

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Brand new
If picking up locally I accept cash, cash app, zelle.

Fireproof & Water Resistant Bag
Non-itchy Silicone Coated Fireproof Fiberglass
Dual-layer Fireproof Fiberglass Materials
Comfortable Handle & Adjustable Strap
Dual Safety: Premium Zipper + Hook & Loop Closure
Foldable to Store and Super Easy to Carry
Extra Large Fireproof Bag
TOP CLASS Fireproof Bags! 
Dual-layer Fireproof Fiberglass for Great Fireproof Protection.
Non-itchy Silicone Coating for Great Water Resistant Protection.
Extra Large size to stow all your valuables: documents, cash, jewelry, photos.
Comfortable Handle & Shoulder Strap make our product easy Grab & Go in any emergency.
Foldable to store in safe box or any places.
Professional Design for Upgraded Protection
UPGRADED DESIGN - comfortable HANDLE & adjustable SHOULDER STRAP for super convenient carry.
DUAL SECURITY - BRAND ZIPPER and HOOK & LOOP closure to keep all your valuables safe.
DURABLE QUALITY - Tight stitched SEAMS are REINFORCED on every fireproof document bag.

Fireproof and Water Resistant Protection
With DUAL-LAYER FIREPROOF FIBERGLASS, the fireproof document bag can withstand temperatures as high as 2000 F.
SILICONE COATED LAYER + HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE bring great water protection.
The large fireproof bags are designed to survive fire and perform RELIABLE in any EMERGENCY.

Foldable to Store & Super Easy to Carry
With the EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY, the fireproof bag is also FOLDABLE, which could be easily put into safe box or any places.
Comfortable HANDLE & adjustable SHOULDER STRAP make our product super easy to carry
All to ensure you could quickly GRAB & GO with all your valuables.
All sales final. 

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