The Digital Community Experience

For The Community, By The CommunitySM

The online world doesn't sleep, and neither does Woodlands Online! Everyday we cover community news & events, sports, business and the people who make The Woodlands Area our home. Local residents self-publish most of the information on our website in real-time 24/7. Here in The Woodlands there's a unique family vibe, which is naturally reflected through our digital community experience. We know, because we live here.

Inform - Influence - Connect

Woodlands Online offers many advertising, public relations and digital marketing possibilities. Presented to our large hyperlocal audience on multiple platforms and devices. Publish content, run banner ads, opt-in emails, social media posts, videos, and more. Woodlands Online is the place to reach and connect with your target Woodlands audience - in your way - on your budget.

Our Audience Comes To Us

For nearly a quarter of a century, Woodlands Online has been the leading media site in The Woodlands Area. Our wide audience regularly seeks us out because we are trusted and useful. They are loyal and engaged, visiting frequently and viewing numerous pages. They know our advertisers are real and local and they support them. Our audience, predominantly residents, also includes those who are interested in visiting or moving to The Woodlands. It's the people local businesses want to reach. We also enjoy a large local followings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now Roku!

2021 Woodlands Online Stats
by Google Analytics

  • Our Hyperlocal Audience

    > 2 Million

    Unique Users

  • Visits/Sessions

    > 4 Million


    > 5 Pages

  • Pages Viewed & Time Spent

    > 21 Million

    Page/Screen Views

    > 14 Million

    Minutes spent on sites
  • Registered Users & Social Media

    > 25,000

    Local Registered users

    > 24,000 Followers on Facebook
    > 14,700 Followers on Twitter
    > 4,500 Followers on Instagram

Our vision is simple: Serve The Community

We enjoy interacting daily with our audience and businesses to keep things current, reliable and family friendly. They trust us to provide and/or connect them to their local virtual needs. We help residents and businesses publish their information in real-time 24/7. Let's discuss how we can best serve your business.