Camp Cooper is constructed to spark the imagination and engage the intellect while contributing an equally important share of fun and physical activity. The trademarks of Camp Cooper include hands-on and collaborative educational activities, a wide variety of games and play, and small camp groups led by fun and caring counselors.

Fee $70  ·  Rising 2nd-5th Grades
In this camp kids build a game described as a "platform" game like Sonic or Mario. Campers have a blast as their characters overcome obstacles and opponents and then conquer the Big Boss. The character progresses on a long path/journey with the background scrolling behind it as adversaries, prizes and obstacles are encountered along
the way. Lessons on the basics will be similar to the Arcade course in the very beginning, but the class diverges and different programming techniques are taught in order to build this Platform game. As with all of our game creation options, this camp encourages creativity, storytelling, programming and problem solving for their young minds.

Students join camp peers at the lunch period and enjoy the reminder of the Camp Cooper day. Full day of fun-Friday activities.