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Content Coordinator

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Posted Sep 15, 2019
Job Description

Responsibilities of the Content Coordinator include:
 coordinating and writing a new resident feature for each magazine each
 compiling an area calendar of events and local community
corner/community updates section
 submitting compiled monthly magazine content by deadline
 proofing magazine content within 24 business hours of receiving a
magazine proof from the design team
 obtaining referrals from past features as leads for future neighborhood
 editing all contributed content, including anchor sponsor/expert
contributor articles
 on occasion, writing/editing local filler articles
 writing up to two business profiles each month
 receiving classified ad submissions

Skills Required

10 hours p month

Content Coordinator’s Role & Responsibilities

The Content Coordinator is responsible for obtaining, coordinating writing, sending
and proofing content for each assigned magazine on a monthly basis. This entails
writing resident features and gathering relevant neighborhood and community
news for each magazine, sending files in the proper format by deadline, and
proofing magazines during the design process to ensure a polished final product.


$20 p/hr

Job Categories

Job Types(s):   Marketing/Advertising/PR, Journalist / Writing

Industry(s):   Publishing / Printing

Employment Type:   Internship (not summer), Internship - Summer

Job Location(s):   The Woodlands

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