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Posted Apr 07, 2021
Job Description

You stay in my house with my young adult son. You will be required to take him whatever he needs. Normally that will be something to drink or eat. He is in wheelchair and alert. He usually needs help with getting headphones on or plugging something in or turning off/on his heater. Dog will need to be let our in courtyard 2-3 times to relieve herself. You will basically make yourself at home in the livingroom, be alert for his call: you can watch tv/play on phone etc.: must not receive phone calls. Let in his nurse, music therapist or chaplin. (all women). Prefer young adult female. High schoolers will be required to have parent(s) talk to me and visit the home if they prefer. Will be required to give him a urinal and go and get it when he is done. Make sandwiches etc. Only resumes will be considered with 2 references. High schoolers will be required to have reference from school counselor.

Skills Required

Attention to detail. Must be compassionate, prompt and reliable. Above intelligence is needed. Babysitting or caregiving experience is not needed but highly recommended.


150.00 a Week

Job Categories

Job Types(s):   Healthcare / Nursing, Childcare, Personal Care

Industry(s):   Healthcare, Childcare

Employment Type:   Employee - Part Time, Temporary - Part Time

Job Location(s):   Conroe / Lake Conroe

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