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Updated Jan 30, 2023
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Providing companionship and offering a distraction to our patients on hospice. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen to. Sometimes all they want is to be heard. As a volunteer, you will never be asked to provide any sort of clinical support. You are only a companion that is meant to offer them your friendship.

Skills Required

At Oasis Hospice, we are looking for individuals who are looking to give back to their community. There are so many things that a volunteer can do, the greatest is offer companionship by being a supportive presence. It can really be as easy as sitting next to someone and reminding them that they aren’t alone.

If it's something you’ve never done before, have no fear...we offer a very easy yet thorough training program that will help you learn every aspect of hospice care. We take the time to individualize training around all different types of patients, their needs, and the facility/home settings they live in. We really want to help educate the public on the hospice philosophy and how to best help our neighbors in need.

Did you know that Hospice Care was actually started by volunteers?!
If you are like me and didn’t know the answer to this question, come join our team and let us teach you more!

We service 3 different Counties: Harris, Montgomery & Walker.
This means we have many opportunities all around you!

Our primary goal is to help our patients have the best end of life experience possible.
Come help us achieve that goal.

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