John Gray Appearance in “Blackbear” by Foretress Films to be Released June 14

By: Gloria Stella
| Published 06/11/2019


HOUSTON, TX -- See John Gray in “Blackbear” coming to Cine America 8 at 535 Sharpstown Center in Houston, TX, on 14 June 2019. An exciting, action-packed “Blackbear,” John Gray appears in a role as the pastor leading a funeral. He says, “When I heard about the vision and the creative direction that the writer wanted to go in, I thought it was a great story. A lot of times the family in faith-based content/inspiration content…the stories kind of have a familiar arc. This was not familiar. This is not your mom and dad’s inspiration story. This has action. It’s got drama. It’s got intrigue. And it’s not overt. And I think that’s something that can bring people to the theater who just want a really great story, a great movie.” See interview video at:

The movie “Blackbear” follows two United States Marines’ difficult return home from war and navigates the effects of their capture and subsequent interrogation by ISIS terrorists. According to the film’s website, “One struggles to survive while the other fights his way back into the mixed martial arts world that he left behind years ago – looking for a fight worth dying for.”

For more information and to see the trailer, visit h

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