The Woodlands Children's Museum to Close Beginning Tuesday, March 17th

By: Angela Colton
| Published 03/15/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- In an effort to ease the concern regarding the potential spread of COVID-19 and in light of the temporary closing of CISD and other surrounding school districts until March 23rd.

The Woodlands Children’s Museum will be closed beginning Tuesday, March 17th through Monday, March 23rd. Presently, we will be re-opening on Tuesday, March 24th.

Birthday parties will continue as scheduled as private events at the museum, unless, otherwise, determined between our Birthday Party Coordinator.

The Woodlands Children’s Museum has been proactive in addressing the concerns that our families may have regarding the monitoring of COVID-19 (corona-virus) and its potential spread to the United States by implementing EXTRA time to disinfect classrooms and common areas more often than the daily number of times, presently in place, to keep our museum clean.

Children’s health, safety and fostering a love for play is our priority at The Woodlands Children’s Museum. Please remain ever vigilant regarding your health and the safety and health of your family, as we continue to follow the information shared by the Township, the State of Texas, Montgomery County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the United States Center for Disease Control.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and to communicate across all platforms as updates become available and to be prepared to respond quickly to new information as we keep an eye on the impacts that COVID-19 is having in our community.

This is a wonderful time to consider how we can look at this as an opportunity. Time with our children is precious. Perhaps our time, our engagement and our playfulness is what our children need right now. Amidst this unfortunate time, we will assist families, as best as we can, by posting and sharing resources and activities to stay active and engaged at home. Please stay safe and be playful, while we work together as a community in the coming weeks.


Angela Colton
Executive Director

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