St. Anthony of Padua Knights of Columbus Charity Auction Moves Online

By: Robert Vadas
| Published 03/25/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX - Every year during the season of Lent, the Knights of Columbus Council 12327 at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church holds a silent auction to benefit the organization's mission of community and educational support throughout the year.

With the closing of the St. Anthony of Padua Campus, the Knights's of Columbus has transitioned to an online auction.

They have several items that still need a home from their Silent Auction. So make your best offer on any of the following items: (see the attached slides for a photo and detail description of the items)

Slide 1:

Item # 7: Wine and Decanter
Item #16: Nativity (Indoor/Outdoor)
Item #33: Texas A&M Aggie Tickets and Von Miller Jersey
Item #14: Child Religious Puzzle & Books/Coach Jesus Hurricane Tracker
Item #15: Queen Anne 12 pc. China

Slide 2:

Item #17: Patriotic Basket
Item #19: LA Teddy Bear Picnic
Item #20: Brighton Jewelry
Item #21: Dosey Doe Gift
Item #36: Old Course scarf

Slide 3:

Item #35: Brad Faxon Auto Caddy Bib
Item #37: Golf Collectibles
Item #52: Print Oil Rigs
Item #45: Indian Summer Print
Item #46: Painting Chiati

Slide 4:

Item #50: Yazzi Whirling Rainbow
Item #47: Sr Dorothy Painting
Item #51: Mixed Media Winter
Item #53: Blue Mercedes
Item #54: Buon Appetito Print

The Open Bid and Retail estimates are given for information only. If you want something and don’t want to pay the Open Bid price, make your best offer. If you want something and don’t want to get out bid make a good offer. This money goes to help the Knights support their many charities at St. Anthony and in the community.

Make your BEST OFFER BY EMAILING your name, phone number, item # and amount of your bid to:

You can only bid once per item. Highest bid wins! The bidding will close Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 11 PM CDT. Don’t put off reviewing the items and making your bids. BID TODAY.

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