Disaster / Emergency Preparedness; How to build an emergency kit, South Texas Hurricane Guide, basic first aid, and more useful resources

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 09/12/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX — Emergencies and disasters are undoubtably frightening, but being prepared ahead of time can help individuals stay calm under pressure, and even save lives. These links include valuable information that can help you prepare in the event of a hurricane or other unexpected emergency.

Hurricanes: is an official website of the United States government. In this link article they teach readers how to build a disaster relief kit in the event that they need to survive on their own for several days following an emergency.
It includes:
- Basic Disaster Supplies Kit
- Additional Emergency Supplies
- Maintaining Your Kit
- Kit Storage Locations.

Hurricane season in Texas ends November 30. The Official South Texas Hurricane Guide by National Weather Service provides information about hurricanes, storm surges, and special preparedness.

5 Facts Houstonians Need to Know This Hurricane Season
By Houstonia
• State Emergency Assistance Registry, Dial 2-1-1
• American Red Cross of Greater Houston, Call 713-526-8300
• Federal Emergency Management Agency, (FEMA) Call 1-(800) 621-3362, or to apply for assistance, visit

Hurricane season: Interactive storm tracker; supply lists, evacuation info and more

METRO Hurricane Preparedness includes before the storm prep, emergency essentials, and print outs for you to list essential medications, contacts, work and school locations, as well as a personalized family emergency plan.

First Aid:

10 Basic First Aid Training Tips & Procedures for Any Emergency
By uncharted supply co
Covers treating cuts, sprains, heat exhaustion, allergic reactions, performing CPR, and more.

5 Basic First Aid Tips for the Workplace
Covers the primary goals of first aid, assessing the scene, most common medical conditions in the work place, and more.

Teaching Basic First Aid to Kids
By Run Wild My Child
'Take a little time to familiarize yourself with the basics and then go over these practical first aid tips with your child. That way you can both be more confident and capable on your next outdoor adventure!'

How to Perform Infant CPR
By WebMD

• Youtube is a great resource for looking up first aid tutorials.
• When learning first aid, consider the full range of ages and disabilities; is mobility a factor? Communication impairments? Etc.
• Consider taking a class in first aid.
• Don’t stop here. These resources are a starting point that will hopefully guide you to further research.
• Keep living life to the fullest. Being prepared is not about anxiously awaiting danger to present itself. It’s meant to give you peace of mind going forward that in the event something unexpected does happen, you will know how to help.

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