New Video: Former State Rep. Rob Eissler Calls Incorporation Risky and Unnecessary

By: The Woodland Preserve
| Published 10/13/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Rob Eissler, a former State Representative and 42-year resident of The Woodlands, is speaking out against incorporation.

In a newly released video, Eissler, who spent a decade representing the community at the Texas Capitol and successfully fought to protect The Woodlands from forced annexation, said the push to incorporate is not only unnecessary, but also risky, rushed, and expensive.

“Some say that incorporating is the only way for The Woodlands to protect itself against annexation. That is 100 percent false,” Eissler says. “The Woodlands can never be annexed without a vote of the residents. Incorporating is not only unnecessary, it is a huge risk to what makes The Woodlands special.”

In 2017 and again in 2019, Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation that prohibits forced annexation in Texas without voter approval.

“The Woodlands is not just another city, let’s not make it one,” he says.

You can view the video here.?

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