Addendum 1 - Modified Bid Posting Township Parks and Facilities Landscape Maintenance Services for The Woodlands Township

By: The Woodlands Township
| Published 06/23/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Contractors shall provide all labor, materials, equipment, licensing, and supervision necessary for the mowing, landscape, and irrigation maintenance of the below listed (6) Projects utilizing specifications and frequencies outlined in the attached bid documents. The Township reserves the right to award the contract to an individual or multiple vendors. The contract will be for a term of 36 months beginning January 1, 2023 and ending December 31, 2025.

Bid Number: C-2022-0108
Bid Title: Township Parks and Facilities Landscape Maintenance Services
Category: Equipment, Materials and Other Services
Status: Open

Publication Date/Time:
6/2/2022 2:45 PM
Closing Date/Time:
7/6/2022 1:00 PM
Addendum Date/Time:
Pre-bid Meeting:
Mandatory 6/8 @ 10:00 am
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Attachment A - Landscape Mulching Spreadsheet
Attachement B - Square Foot Spreadsheet
Attachement C -Services Tracker
Attachement D -Park Addresses
Project A Boundary Maps
Project B - Boundary Maps
Projecct C - Boundary Maps
Project D - Boundary Maps
Project F Boundary Maps
Township Parks Facilities Mowing and Landscaping Services C-2022-0108 REVISED
Mandatory Pre Bid Sign In- Township/Facilities Mowing & Landscape
2022 Service Agreement DRAFT
Township Parks Facilities Landscaping Addendum 1
Attachment A Landscape Mulching Spreadsheet UPDATED 6.23
Attachment E - TWT Parks and Facilities Irrigation Zones

Click here for Project Boundary Maps

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