3" Contemporary Newel

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4100 Contemporary Newel - 3" square. This is a contemporary 3" newel with a chamfered top edge. This newel looks great with the 5060 or 5360 contemporary wood baluster series. This type of wood newel is also available fluted (see 4100F newel) or with a chamfered side edge (see 4100C newel). Available in two sizes - 48" and 58". Available in Red Oak, White Oak, Beech, Poplar, Maple, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Hemlock, Hickory, Mahogany and Walnut.
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 48 in. ($82.00)
 60 in. ($95.00)
 48 in. ($82.00)
 60 in. ($95.00)
 48 in. ($82.00)
 60 in. ($95.00)
Soft Maple: 
 48 in. ($95.00)
 60 in. ($114.00)
Hard Maple: 
 48 in. ($116.00)
 60 in. ($142.00)
American Cherry: 
 48 in. ($146.00)
 60 in. ($179.00)
 48 in. ($146.00)
 60 in. ($179.00)
Knotty Alder: 
 48 in. ($146.00)
 60 in. ($179.00)
White Oak: 
 48 in. ($155.00)
 60 in. ($188.00)
 48 in. ($146.00)
 60 in. ($179.00)
 48 in. ($178.00)
 60 in. ($218.00)
 48 in. ($99.00)
 60 in. ($122.00)
 48 in. ($124.00)
 60 in. ($152.00)
 48 in. ($114.00)
 60 in. ($137.00)
Monterey Pine: 
 48 in. ($144.00)
 60 in. ($189.00)

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