Conroe, TX Outdoor Theater: Pool With 3 Home Theaters


At this outdoor pool theater set up near Conroe Texas, there are 2 waterfall hot tubs that flow into an outdoor infinity edge pool.  

All around the pool, as well as on the pool deck, the home theater is set up with a full outdoor theater environment.  

This includes surround sound audio for all 3 outdoor home theater spaces. 

The offerings around the pool include a 160 inch projection screen, 2 60 inch televisions, surround sound for each viewing environment, and even underwater speakers.

Our goal with every home theater we build, whether outdoors or indoors, is to bring you the highest quality in home entertainment.  At this home near Conroe, you can be lounging in the hot tub, using the home theater environment there to watch your favorite sports or TV program.  At the same time, the kids can be playing in the pool, while watching their movies on the home theater projection screen.

Under the deck, the 60” television there is it’s own home theater environment.

It is possible for all three theater environments to be watching the same movie.  This allows you and your guests to go from the hot tub, to the pool, to lying on the couch under the deck, and not miss a single moment of whatever is playing in the home theater.

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