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We think we're better than Home Depot, Lowe's, or Walmart window blinds.  

Whether for a bathroom, game room, bedroom, or living room, you may want privacy, sun blocking, or just a cool fun feature to show how you can open and close your window shades automatically.  And we can help.

These shades were installed in Conroe, and we work all over the greater Houston area, from Conroe to Galveston, and Katy to Old Town Spring.

We want to hear the your unique ideas for what you want in your home, and rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, we can provide you with something custom, and motorized.

We can install these on vertical windows, in attic spaces (so that they are automated based on temperature), or even on skylights.

You'll find that the high quality of service, coupled with the high quality of the window shades, can leave you feeling, much like our other customers, like Roman nobility. The incredible features offered by these customized motorized window shades (for doors and windows) often trump other solutions home owners have investigated.

These motorized window shades can be controlled by Alexa, Savant, or many other apps and devices you may already have.

Also, though not shown in this video, we can install automated RV window shades, if that's something you're looking for.

Also not shown in this video is how these shades can be used on a side door, as an insulated option, or even be used as blackout curtains.  But we have used these shades in those situations as well.

This is a much more modern window treatment that provides safety and security as well... not only from people looking in, but also frees you up from the cords that often dangle from vertical blinds, causing a potential choking hazard for children and pets.

These shades are a slightly off-white color, but we can make shades in virtually any color including black, brown, blue, red, or any colors you're looking for.

Again, these are designed to work with your current electronic devices, and we'd live to hear more of your ideas for your shades, and help you bring them to live.
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