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It's National Cat Day! Top tips from Just Cats Veterinary Services in The Woodlands.

Does your indoor cat like to explore the great outdoors every once in a while? Keep him safe with these tips from Dr. Cindy McManis.

OMG! I Found a Dog! What Next?

Good samaritans in our community often find pets, wandering the neighborhood or running loose along the side of a busy highway. Once the pet is removed from harm's way, what next? Read this informative ...

OPA Holiday Adoptions at the Woodlands Mall

Believe in a No Kill Community! Give a homeless pet a ‘Home for the Holidays’ and beyond. Operation Pets Alive will be at The Woodlands Mall for Holiday Pet Adoptions every weekend, Fri-Sat-...

Petco Adoption Event

Looking for a new pet? Thinking about becoming a first time pet parent? Doest your pet need a buddy to play with? Stop by Petco at Sawdust any Saturday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. for the OPA Adoption Eve...