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Annual Seeds of Faith Celebration helps girls fight Turner syndrome

Turner syndrome has a profound impact on thousands of girls each year. Debbie Browne knows; her daughter lost her own fight to it. Now, Debbie and her husband have an organization and a fundraising gala...

Corporate sponsorships available for 'Seeds of Faith Celebration'

Leaping Butterfly Ministry of The Woodlands announced that sponsorship opportunities are still available for next month’s annual fundraiser, the Seeds of Faith Celebration.

Sarai's Mirror

Sarai's Mirror is designed to empower and encourage women from all walks of life to discover their true sense of idtentity through a deeper understanding of God's grace, love and power.

The Woodlands Christian Academy honors its Head of School

Mrs. Julie Ambler, was recently honored for 10 years of service as Head of School at The Woodlands Christian Academy.

Lent 2016 - Bible Study: 8-Day Revolution Couples Connected in Christ

The Woodlands United Methodist Church presents Lent 2016 - Bible Study: An 8-Day Revolution to examine the key events that took place during Jesus' final days. Tuesdays Feb 16 - M...

Sunday Morning Worship Service

The Community Christian Church is offering a Sunday Morning Worship Service every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. Sunday school is available at 9:30 a.m. We hope you join us!

Traditional Church Service

The Woodlands United Methodist Church is inviting you to their Traditional Church Worship Service every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. Join us for inspirational messages and a formal order of worship!