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August 28, 2017
Ulises Larramendi, Owner and operator of Eden Cafe in Magnolia and lead actor in the Movie 'We are Stronger'.
Faces of The Woodlands - Ulises Larramendi - 2017
August 22, 2017
Meet Sean Thompson, actor, director, writer, WoodlandsOnline's very own Entertainment specialist and much more.
Faces of The Woodlands - Sean Thompson - 2017
August 14, 2017
Meet Ben Johnson ofCaptive Aquatic Ecosystems. He installs, maintains and creates huge aquatic works of art.
Faces of The Woodlands - Ben Johnson - 2017
August 07, 2017
Meet Ada and Robert Dueitt. Robert was the first Highlander Mascot for The Woodlands Area. Robert and Ada own and operate Dueitt Fencing here in the Woodlands and their son Robbie is the Quarterback Coach at the Woodlands HS.
Faces of The Woodlands - Robert Dueitt - 2017
July 31, 2017
Meet Gretta Grace Goertz and her human Natalie Saikowski Goertz on this Faces of The Woodlands. Natalie is part owner of Mr Rooter in The Woodlands and she has a passion for, amongst other things, Boxer Rescue, like Gretta.
Faces of The Woodlands - Natalie Saikowski Goertz - 2017
July 27, 2017
Ellis Wyms is a former NFL player who made it all the way to the Super Bowl. Now he gives back through The Wyms Foundation, which is hosting a camp for kids July 29. Visit www.thewymsfoundation.org for more information.
July 17, 2017
Meet Chasen Parker, a 2012 graduate of The Woodlands High School. He is an actor, writer, director and producer -- as well as the grandson of screen siren Eleanor Parker.
Faces of The Woodlands - Chasen Parker - 2017
July 10, 2017
Meet Tanya Nero, Program Director for EFTA, Education for Tomorrow Alliance, an advocate for kids, theatre, growing and learning and being positive in your daily live. She was also a United States Marine for 9 years.
Faces of The Woodlands - Tanya Nero - 2017
July 04, 2017
Vinny Sinisi of TeamSinisi... The man, the legend, Vinny Sinisi.
Faces of The Woodlands - Vinny Sinisi - 2017
June 27, 2017
Meet Rick Prieto, a 9th Degree Black Belt trained by none other than Chuck Norris.
Faces of The Woodlands - Rick Prieto - 2017
June 19, 2017
Meet Justin Harder, illustrator, designer, writer and Creative Director of ClausStudios.com.
Faces of The Woodlands - Justin Harder - 2017
June 13, 2017
Meet Taylor Maresca, a Woodlands High School student who will hit the high notes this summer at two musical theatre intensives.
Faces of The Woodlands - Taylor Maresca
June 06, 2017
On this episode we will meet Christine and Jackie Battle of Philanthropy located on Market Street.
Faces of The Woodlands - Philanthropy 2017
May 30, 2017
On this episode we will meet Christian Mardaga, of the graduating class of 2017 at The Woodlands Christian Academy. He has been accepted to West Point, gives back to the community and is an all-around great person.
Faces of The Woodlands - Christian Mardaga 2017
May 23, 2017
Meet Elise Elliott, new mother, ballerina and instructor at TADA, on this episode of Faces on The Woodlands.
Faces of The Woodlands - Elise Elliott 2017
January 15, 2018
We interview Dr. Gary Wise in Jones Forest about his interest in the Red Cockaded Woodpecker.
Faces of The Woodlands: Meet zoologist Gary Wise
May 08, 2017
This week we interview Stephanie and Mike Howlett of Pet Fly Trap about Carnivorous Plants.
Faces of The Woodlands: Carnivorous plants at Pet Fly Trap
May 01, 2017
Meet Dr Brian Flowers from Sterling Ridge Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. Only the second person in the Houston area to be MAKO robot certified.
Faces of The Woodlands - Dr. Brian Flowers - 2017
May 16, 2017
An interview with a couple of doctors at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands. Dr. Amber Samuel, Maternal/Fetal Medicine Specialist and Dr. Paulraj Samuel, General and Interventional Cardiology; two great people one awesome couple.
April 25, 2017
Steve Basham is a an emerging photography artist, local business owner and the interviewee on Faces of The Woodlands.
Faces of The Woodlands: Meet photographer and emerging artist Steve Basham