The Haute Frog offers unique take on dining, desserts

By Jordan Ballback
| Published 08/19/2012

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THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Located just off Robinson Road, there is a unique new business taking the typical dining experience to a whole new level.

The Haute Frog is a new, local, bright red gourmet food truck serving everything from snoballs and cupcakes to hamburgers and grilled cheese.

The creation of The Haute Frog came from a city in Texas known for its uniqueness.

“I am a huge fan of Austin-area type food trucks,” owner Amber Box said. “I love the idea of people getting to experience new and different foods in a casual setting right in their own neighborhood. I am also a huge shaved ice fan; I love it…all the flavors and things you can add are endless. I took all of the best things I had ever tried from shaved ice stands around Texas and combined them when I opened The Haute Frog.”

The interest in cooking is in Box's genes.

“I have been cooking my entire life; everyone in my family loves to cook,” Box said. “My sister is the gourmet in our family; I am more into making southern food and baking. I learned everything from my Mom, Brenda, who you can also find cooking at The Frog most days. I have no professional cooking training.”

Yet, it was a very different career path Box took before becoming the owner of The Haute Frog.

“I did medical sales years ago and started making my own lunches to take to my doctors’ offices,” Box said. “Everyone loved it; it was so much better than just getting chain food every day. Other reps started asking me to make treats and lunches for them, so from there I started a small catering company for healthcare reps called Kiss Up Catering. That’s where my food journey started.”

And now, The Haute Frog offers a wide variety of options including some off the beaten path.

“We have lots of fun things,” Box said. “We can add a scoop of ice cream to any snoball and top it with whipped cream. It's a snoball sundae. As far as food goes we offer a sliced pear, Gouda grilled cheese with raspberry sauce. It's odd sounding but great.”

The Haute Frog offers more than just comfort food to customers. Box strives to provide customers with an escape from the stress of everyday life.

“I hope they get something different and yummy and get a chance to have a five minute vacation from the daily grind to just relax and enjoy a treat,” Box said. “We have loved getting to know all of our customers in the community. It is so fun to see people enjoy something you make for them or see a child’s face light up after seeing their snoball sundae.”

As for the future, Box's business expansion is already in the works.

“I am opening a new place in September at 1810 Rayford, that will be called The Cupcake Shack,” Box said. “We will be doing drive through cupcakes, personal pies, southern deserts and some breakfast and lunch selections at this new location. I just love the idea of drive through cupcakes.”

For The Haute Frog's complete menu, visit the Facebook page. To try all the original creations they have to offer stop, by The Haute Frog located at 28302 Robinson Road, next to Woods Feed Store.

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