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Corrective care chiropractor helping people reach their full God-given health potential!

About Us

About Dr.Zaino

Dr. Chris Zaino grew up in Melville, New York until the age of 12 when his family relocated to Sarasota, Florida. Early in high school he was inspired by his father to begin what would be a successful bodybuilding career. Dr. Zaino began natural competitive bodybuilding as he was going through college and won many titles at the national level, including Mr. America in 1992. In 1998, he graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Exercise Physiology & Wellness.

Through of all these life experiences, he was being prepared for his ultimate work in life. That work was helping people reach their full God-given health potential. Throughout his graduate school career at the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic, he succeeded by consistently studying and researching the most effective ways to be healthy. As an avid researcher, Dr. Zaino continues his education by staying abreast of the most up to date research on body functionality, eating plans and exercise principles.

Dr. Zaino’s passion is to educate and support as many families as possible so they can reach their God-given health potential through natural chiropractic care. Over the past three years, he has seen God take a dream and make it a reality, as Abundant Life Chiropractic is now the largest clinic in the world. Abundant Life and Dr. Zaino will continue to educate more and more people on the principles of how the body functions and the importance of honoring God with the body through eating wisely and exercising.



Dr. Zaino traveled with "Strongmen" called Strike Force to educate high-school students on the importance of ethics, self-esteem and how valuable they are to God

Speaks around the world through live presentations, radio and television

Actively coaches several hundred corrective care chiropractic doctors

Owner of the largest practice in the world

Part of Maximized Living, a group of 600 faith-based/Christian doctors

Giving people the knowledge and the actions steps to experience their full God-given health potential

The Clinic

The Woodlands, Texas based clinic is the largest clinic in the world. Abundant Life Chiropractic consistently provides people with care and attention through state-of-the-art technology and premier clinic and rehab amenities. Through constant education, training and genuine patient service Abundant Life presses on to help every person in the North Houston area reach their God-given health potential

Your First Visit

Step One:

All new patients are requested to fill out the new patient application form as completely as possible.

Download New Patient Forms

Step Two:

Please read and sign all other forms.

Step Three:

A one-on-one consultation with a doctor will be done to discuss your health issues and goals, uncover the layers of past damage done and to help determine what may be the cause.

Step Four:

A comprehensive chiropractic examination and evaluation including the test necessary will be performed to further help determine the precise cause of your problem.

The Physical Exam: Here’s what to expect.

The first order of business is checking your vital signs, reflexes, and blood pressure. Sometimes, measurements will be taken to determine arm and leg length. Next, you will be asked to do a series of simple and easy activities or exercises. These exercises will provide information about your motor skills, balance, and gait, among others. These tests also help determine your range of motion, muscle tone and strength, and integrity of your nervous system. Any abnormalities could provide clues about a condition. You may be asked to:

Bend forward, sideways, or backwards - Misaligned spinal vertebrae can sometimes be detected during this exercise.

Flex and extend your leg - This is a test for signs of sprain and helps determine the integrity of your joints (also called the "Yeoman's Test").

Grip something such as a rubber ball - Your grip strength is vital for showing signs of muscular or nerve damage.

Lie down and raise one leg - This is often referred to as the "Thomas Test," in which the chiropractor gently pushes on your raised leg to check for hip joint mobility.

Stand and raise one leg - This test can sometimes show whether you have sciatica, a nerve disorder in your lower back. Another test may involve pushing on your raised leg to determine whether you have pain, inflammation, or imbalance in the joints between your spinal vertebrae. (This is also called the "Psoas Muscle Test.")

Stand or sit - Posture can sometimes show whether you have misalignments in your spine.

Walk a straight line - This test measures your gait, and helps to determine if you have a normal walking pattern.

Walk in place - Abnormalities in the way your pelvis and spine coordinate can be seen during this test.

Bilateral Weight Scales will tell us how evenly distributed you are carrying the forces put upon our body.

Postural Evaluation

Next, a short physical exam by the chiropractor will involve palpation, or use of the hands, to explore the alignment of your spine and other structures, as well as provide information on any stimuli that may cause pain.

Step Five:

The doctor will advise you if additional laboratory tests or x-rays are needed.

Step Six:

You will be asked to schedule a special follow-up appointment called the "Report of Findings" at which time the cause of your current condition will be discussed. After reviewing your case, the doctor will decide if you will be accepted as a patient and a thorough explanation of care recommendations and the action steps you need to take to obtain the results you desire.

Step Seven:

Initiate care and start on your path to reaching your God-given health potential!

Congratulations on taking the first steps to creating true wellness from within.

Remember your health outcomes are based on your health choices!

Office Hours

Mon 7am-10am, 3:30pm 6pm

Tues 3:30pm-6pm

Wed 7am-10am, 3:30pm-6pm

Thurs 7am-10am 3:30pm-6pm

Fri 7am-10am

Sat 8:00am-8:45am

Sunday Closed

Corrective Care

One reason the health and well-being of the public suffers today is that most people do not truly understand what health really is. Therefore that which they believe cannot possibly be true, and that which they do for their health cannot completely work. Only through understanding what health really is can you actually create the right wellness philosophy and look for what really are the correct lifestyle approaches.

So what is health?

The basic, core definition of health is described as a state of "normal function." So ultimately, if you wish to begin seeking health you must first find out what it is that causes you to function normally (or optimally).

Interest in biking, swimming, running, doing yoga, lifting weights, taking supplements, and eating the right diet for your body type has reached a historic high. This recent fitness and nutrition fascination has been perpetuated by the current realization many are coming to that it is vital to play an active role in your health if you plan on keeping it or getting it back. All of these activities and many more:

Enhance the overall well-being of your body

Help you to overcome and prevent illness

Give you energy

Improve your appearance

Can lengthen your life

Yet, none of these cause you to function. Case in point: taking a corpse out for a long bike ride or feeding it vitamin C does nothing to create health or function.

To find what really causes you to function you have to go to your anatomy and not to the gym or the health food store. What "causes" function is the Central Nervous System or CNS. The CNS is composed of the brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves and it totally controls all functions and healing in the human body. As the central generator of all life, it needs maximum protection. Thus, the CNS is located inside the armor-like bones of the spinal column and skull.

To have "normal function"--and as a result be considered healthy--the Central Nerve System must work without damage or interference. The most common, and in fact very likely way, to interfere or cause damage to the Central Nervous System is with the spine. "Abnormal" position of the head and spine and subluxation (misalignment of individual vertebrae) will interfere with the CNS. This interference will cause the organs of the body not to function or heal "normally." By definition, the result is abnormal or less than optimal health.

"Vital information travels from the brain and spinal cord to all of the parts of the body. But, not only does information travel down the nerve, but at the same time information from the peripheral parts of the body is being sent back to the brain and spinal cord. When this information is interfered with, a problem arises in the body."

--Daniel J. Murphy, DC; Spinal Biomechanics, Harrison, 1992, p.366

Before any body part or any body function can be described as "normal" or "abnormal," healthy or unhealthy, we must first have a clear definition of what "normal" is. For example, if normal blood pressure is 120/80, then a person with blood pressure of 150/100 would have high, "abnormal" blood pressure. In only the last few years medical, anatomical, mathematical and engineering researchers have been able to clearly define "normal" spinal alignment. This research has been published in the world’s most prestigious medical journals and presented at the leading spinal symposiums around the world.

There are two proven ways to evaluate normal or abnormal spinal alignment:

1. Postural examination (posture is the window to the spine)

2. X-rays

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