At F.I.T. Human Performance it's simple. Help our clients achieve total health and wellness through the 'F.I.T. body'. We deliver for our clients by putting years of training and science into our workout programs and planning. The common bond at F.I.T. is a shared culture where we value health and fitness as the ultimate wealth in life (and it is). 

Our goal at F.I.T. is helping you achieve and maintain your optimal functional human performance level. Whether you are just finishing physical therapy, simply want to improve your health, or are a professional athlete; we have a program to help you reach your goals safely and effectively.

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Think About It
One thing is certain about exercise, health, and fitness in general - if you are not paying attention to your is getting worse! Full Article

Pilates: Beyond The Reformer
In its origin, Joe Pilates created a method of exercise intended to correct movement by balancing alignment, proper movement patterns, and focused control. Full Article

A.M. is Best
Morning workouts are the best.  There are so many ways it helps the rest of your day. Full Article

Tennis leagues forming soon at The Woodlands Township
The sport of tennis is rapidly growing in the United States, and that is definitely true in The Woodlands. Full Article

Surfset Houston offers unique way to get in shape
There may not be any waves to catch here in our beautifully forested community, but thanks to Surfset Houston, you can train your body to be lean and strong like a surfer. Full Article

Legends Sports Complex adds women-only classes
The largest multi-sport and fitness complex in Southeast Texas, just got larger. Legends Sports Complex is the largest by virtue of size, but it's now being enlarged in terms of its fitness schedule. Full Article

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