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May 24, 2019
Chef Wayne and Anthony meet up with Steve Said, Owner and operator of Dosey Doe at Dosey Doe Breakfast & BBQ
Taste Buds - 005 - Dosey Doe Breakfast & BBQ
May 23, 2019
Anthony and Chef Wayne drop in on Clint and Mark, the Co-Owners of Crust Pizza Co. at the Creekside location.
Taste Buds - 004 - Crust Pizza Co
May 11, 2019
Anthony and Chef Wayne sit down with Austin Simmons from Tris/Cureight. See the wonderful food being prepared in the back as Austin takes on a journey with food on this Taste Buds
Taste Buds - 003 -Tris/Cureight
May 03, 2019
Anthony Compofelice and Chef Wayne Schileci drop in on Juan at Nona's Italian Grill.
Taste Buds - 002 - Nona's Italian Grill
April 26, 2019
Anthony Compofelice (SubtleFoodie) and Chef Wayne Schilleci (LocalG) are the Taste Buds! They will be going out to various foodie places, talking to the people that make those places great and of course, trying the food.
Taste Buds - 001 - Flower Child