How to buy a home in The Woodlands

Buying a Home

Buying a home in The Woodlands should be an enjoyable experience, whether you are relocating to the area for work or you just need a change of scenery.  Below is a comprehensive guide to help you on your journey, including new construction, schools, realtors, and village information.



Looking to build your own home or custom home in The Woodlands?  


Realtors can be a valuable tool to assist you in the home buying process; however, in Texas, a homeowner can also choose to sell a home without a realtor. But don't forget to make sure to do a title check and have a lawyer help you review paperwork.


Local realtors have taken the time to write informative blogs to help you in the home buying process in The Woodlands.


When it is time to get financing, one of these local mortgage companies can help you find the financing that is right for you.

The Woodlands is separated into eight villages, each with unique character and endearing qualities.  Villages are huge part of the culture in The Woodlands, providing a competitive spirit but also a strong bond amongst residents.  Belonging to a specific village may be an integral factor in the search for your new home.

When purchasing a home in The Woodlands, keep in mind there are covenants and design standards concerning the development of the community on both commercial and residential levels. To maintain property values and preserve the natural environment, any alteration or construction you wish to complete on your home must be approved by a Residential Design Review Committee.


If you still need help finding a home in The Woodlands you can visit The Woodlands Homefinder Center centrally located near Town Center.


If you have children you may be wondering about local public and private schools in the area.

The Woodlands is part of Conroe Independent School District. Below are two links to help you discover your child's new school; one will show you the zoning maps for CISD and the other allows you to type in your future address to get specific school information.

Explore a variety of private schools in the area as well. 


For more information on moving to The Woodlands, including topics such as setting up utilities or finding a doctor, visit the Relocation Guide.


For those who would prefer to be closer to Houston, looking further south in Spring may be a better fit for your needs.  Or if you would prefer more property or a country setting, look at homes to the north in Conroe.