How to Volunteer In The Woodlands

How to Volunteer In The Woodlands

In The Woodlands volunteering is a culture, one that residents hold very close to their hearts. There is never a shortage of volunteer opportunities to fit into any schedule within a variety of interests. Whether you enjoy volunteering your time with a non profit, a charity event, at a church, or at a seasonal event hosted in The Woodlands, you are sure to find a meaningful opportunity in Montgomery County.

To find a local church that will help you meet your service goals Woodlands Online's Church Guide is available.


Seniors in our area at local assisted living facilities and at their homes count on community residents to provide much needed basic services in addition to social events.

Many clubs and social organizations in The Woodlands require the help of volunteers to continue to thrive in our community. Whether you are interested in Scouts of America or performing arts your time will be a valuable asset.


On the local level or the national level, The Woodlands often becomes a political stomping ground. If you feel passionate about politics there are local affiliations to parties you can join.


Seasonal events in The Woodlands are a regular occurrence and always a spectacle of the imagination for the whole family. If you like to work hard and enjoy being a part of a large coordinated event keep your eyes and ears open throughout the year for volunteer calls on Woodlands Online.

The main resource to find current listings for volunteers who are needed immediately can be found in Announcements or News year round or at the direct link below.

In the Jobs Market on Woodlands Online you can also find volunteer and unpaid jobs listings for companies looking for help.