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To better assess our community needs, we are asking individuals to complete a short 12-question survey.

3 Questions to Ask When Vetting Childcare Centers

At The Kangaroo Forest, we understand that your children are your world! The thought of leaving your child with a stranger can be scary

5 Common Childhood Fears and How to Handle Them

Your preschooler is just getting to know her world. She spends a lot of time scanning, watching, listening and generally figuring everything out.

Are you looking for a way to add a wild side to your upcoming birthday party?

Zookeeper Drew and the animals of The Learning Zoo can bring a piece of the jungle right into your living room, backyard, or classroom!

Brighton Academy Still Open

We understand that your job requires you go to work, and you need the peace of mind that your child is in a safe place. Brighton Academy is keeping our doors open & following the strictest health guidel...

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Starting kindergarten is a huge milestone! However, there are several concepts and skills your child should master before entering kindergarten. Are you concerned about your child’s kindergarten readine...

Local Clubs Celebrate Youth Sports Week

Youth organizations in the The Woodlands area speak about the benefits of youth sports

Montessori Teacher in The Woodlands Becomes a Kumon Instructor

These are unique and challenging times, but they also offer an opportunity for lasting and positive change. It has brought in a change for Inba,

Obstacle Warrior Kids - The Woodlands Reopening May 19, 2020

Obstacle Warrior Kids - The Woodlands have a tentative opening date of May 19, 2020 with some changes to our policies.

Thank you, Omu by Oge Mora

Omu shares her thick red stew with her community

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Perhaps you are already planning for the years when your teenager will need orthodontic work. But hearing that your seven-year-old would benefit from orthodontic treatment?

7 on 7 Football Registration

7 on 7 Football for Grades 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, and 6th Friday Evenings (2 Games/ea.) Games start at 6:00pm Location: SCFL-Gullo Fields Dates: April: 16th, 23rd, 30th, May 7th $100/player ...

Mini Masterminds-Engineering Jelly Beans

Mini Masterminds Wednesday, April 14 from 10am-Noon, Engineering Jelly Beans. Participants will practice engineering skills with this hands-on STEM project. Our educator will discuss what 2D and 3D...

Twist at Home Kits - For all ages

Have a painting party at Home! SEE MORE PAINTING CHOICES AT OUR GALLERY! Place your order by selecting the painting from the choices above. When checking out, enter the paint number (or painting n...

Freaky Friday

Disney Freaky Friday - A New Musical with Class Act Productions, April 15 - 18, 22 - 25, 2021. Gaced on the Novel FREAKY FRIDAY by Mary Rodgers and the Disney films.  Tickets: $22.00 Dates an...

Moms & Little Ones! - Information Session

We know it can be tough for moms with young kids to squeeze in a workout (and time to talk with other adults!).  And we know the power of stories to spread kindness.   That's why we&...