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A place for all geek-nerds, nerd-geeks and anyone in between, outside or inside to come together for fun.

In The Kingdom...
"Nerd, Geek... Geek, Nerd... Here in the Kingdom of Geekdom, we know that these two words technically have different meanings but we interchange them lovingly and with no malice towards one group or another. All for one and one for Geek, or Nerd..respectively :) We want to learn and group this community and we can only do that with support from You! Please send us your comments, questions and suggestions.
Meet Our Geeks
Meet the Players that are game, comic, geek, strategy, figure, technical, artistsy, nerdy...and much much more.

Ashford Wright
Ashford Wright is a DC fanboy from Houston, TX. He enjoys playing and watching basketball. He teaches English Literature in Conroe ISD. When giving the chance, he loves live music, spending time with his family and friends, and reading lost of comics. He is the co-founder of the Wright On Network.

Jen King

Joey Savage

Mark Blair

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