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December 07, 2022
The joy, the thill, the unmitigated excitement that is NERD!... Join Mark, Kyle, Mrs Jen and yes, Brainy too, on this one of a kind, unique and inspiring episode of Nerd News Now.
November 30, 2022
Kyle and Mark stand alone on the nerd news frontier. Mark keeps freezing and going 8bit but they press on with wrestling, movies, a smattering of comics and more, on Nerd News Now.
November 28, 2022
On Thanksgiving week what would a group of nerd talk about? The sky is the limit. Jump in and check out what Kyle, Mark, Mrs Jen and Brainy get to talking about this week.
November 16, 2022
Mark and Kyle wax nerdy as they talk about TV Shows, Movies, Comics and More... then Brainy joins in, on Nerd News Now.
November 09, 2022
No Brainy but all brains while Mrs Jen, Kyle and Mark dive all in Nerdy.
November 03, 2022
Kyle fresh back for the Baltimore Comic Con, brings all the news and key things to know. Join Mrs Jen and Brainy as they find out all the things!
October 18, 2022
Kyle has a secret to keep from Mrs Jen and he does. Food, TV shows comics and more with Kyle, Mr Jen and Brainy on Nerd News Now.
October 12, 2022
Mrs Jen, freshly back from New York City Comic Con, tells the boys all about the sights the sounds and the smells....
October 05, 2022
Mrs Jin, Mark and Brainy talk TV show, Comics, lack of Comics, What is funny, electric power and much more on Nerd News Now!
October 03, 2022
Mrs Jen, back from Paris with Kyle and Brainy run amuck and much more on Nerd News Now.
September 24, 2022
Mark, Brainy and Kyle do the thing and the other thing... on Nerd News Now!
September 14, 2022
Mrs Jen, Brainy and Kyle talk shop, nerd news and comics on this... Nerd News Now!
September 07, 2022
Make, Kyle and the Voice of Brainy talk Movies, TV, Wrestling, Comics and much more!
September 30, 2022
The Friends we have, the ones we know and things going on in the geek nerdom this week. Check it all out on Nerd News Now.
September 30, 2022
Mrs Jen tells a store, then Kyle and Brainy follow down the industry rabbit hole. Find out the store and see what you think by the end on Nerd News Now!
August 17, 2022
Mark, Mrs Jen, Kyle and MORE! see what they get to talking about this time and stay tuned to the end for a long awaited report from Mark ;) on Nerd News Now!
August 10, 2022
Mark is back with Brainy, Kyle and Mrs Jen with some awesome Nerd News, Now!
August 03, 2022
Onrie Kompan joins Mrs Jen and Kyle for Food, Comics, Movies, spoilers and more on Nerd News Now!
July 27, 2022
Mrs Jen returned from the San Diego Comic Con! Then comics :) on Nerd News Now.
July 21, 2022
Check out what's news with Kyle and Brainy on Nerd News Now!