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June 26, 2024
The dialogue delves into a variety of pop culture topics, from the influence of Dungeons and Dragons on mainstream media to the significance of Free Comic Book Day. It also highlights the success of Inside Out 2 and the performance of Bad Boys Four.
Nerd News Now - 255 - Exploring Pop Culture: From D&D to Blockbuster Movies
June 21, 2024
The discussion delves into various aspects of pop culture, including TV shows like Bridgerton and their potential future, the impact of recasting on series, and the importance of character development. I
Nerd News Now - 254 - Exploring TV Shows, Comic Books, and Their Impact on Pop Culture
May 22, 2024
Mrs Jen, Brainy and Guest Host: Paul aka Flint Forge, a self-proclaimed nerd, shares his journey from playing Dungeons & Dragons to running a YouTube channel. He discusses his love for Star Trek, science fiction, and fantasy books.
Nerd News Now - 253 - A Nerd's Journey: From Dungeons & Dragons to Comic Shops
April 24, 2024
Kyle, Mark, Brainy and Cory dive into the News of Nerds! The discussion kicks off with an introduction to Nerd News, covering a range of topics from sports preferences to movie and TV show discussions, and marketing challenges.
Nerd News Now - 252 - Exploring Nerd News: From Sports to Kickstarter Campaigns
April 17, 2024
Mrs Jen, Kyle, Brainy and Mark? The conversation delves into a variety of topics, from the nuances of video call reactions to the challenges of DJing a wedding. It explores the comic book industry, the impact of minimum wage increases on businesses.
Nerd News Now - 251 - Insights into Entertainment: From Video Calls to Comic Books
March 27, 2024
In this engaging discussion, a variety of topics are covered, from unique ice cream flavors to the rising prices of soda. TV shows like Ghosts of the American version and Girls5eva are mentioned, as well as the X-Men 97 animated series.
Nerd News Now - 250 - Comic Books, TV Shows, and Pop Culture Discussions
March 20, 2024
In this episode of Nerd News Now, the hosts kick off with light-hearted discussions about Little Caesars puffs and retail shopping experiences. The conversation then delves into serious topics.
Nerd News Now - 249 - From Casual Banter to Serious Work Discussions
March 13, 2024
The discussion kicks off with light-hearted banter about weather and car colors, then delves into health topics like pneumonia prevention. A humorous anecdote about a broken keychain lightens the mood.
Nerd News Now - 248 - A Humorous and Insightful Discussion on Pop Culture and Comic Books
March 06, 2024
After a break, Nerd News Now returns to discuss the current state of comic books, publishers, and social media chatter. The conversation highlights the role of Comics Pro in giving retailers a collective voice...
Nerd News Now - 247 - A Deep Dive into the Comic Book Industry
December 14, 2023
The gang is back again with more, and wait to you hear what!
Nerd News Now - 246 - December News
November 22, 2023
Join the team as they drug through all the nerdy topics on this thanksgiving eve.
Nerd News Now - 245 - Thanksgiving?
November 22, 2023
Join the team as they drug through all the nerdy topics on this thanksgiving eve.
Nerd News Now - 245 - Thanksgiving?
September 27, 2023
Mark is back, with some of Kyle, all of Mrs Jen and Brainy on Nerd News Now!
October 24, 2023
3 Crew is back to her out on the News that is Now, Nerd News Now
August 23, 2023
Mrs Jen, Kyle and Brainy talk show, comics and much more and remember, 'Always lock the door.. but MONEY!'
August 16, 2023
They really should have looked up! Mrs Jen, Kyle and Cory DLG back at it on Nerd News Now.
August 02, 2023
Kyle, Jay and Brainy talk, movies, tv, comics and more on Nerd News Now!
July 26, 2023
The boys talk about comic con, from coast to coast and everything in-between.
Nerd News Now - 239 - Comic Cons
July 19, 2023
Cory DLG joins the crew of Nerd News Now to help steer us into the Nerdom. Mrs Jen and Kyle show him the ropes as we hear about all the things.
July 19, 2023
The group is back to do the thing... and the other thing. on Nerd. News. Now.