Social Media Marketing

Make Your Brand Visible Across The Web

ITVibes has a professional team of SEO managers who are experts at creating social media strategies. We can strategically position your business to take advantage of the networking opportunities on multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media marketing will create brand awareness across the internet, which in turn generates leads and eventually conversions who become loyal customers.

Managing social media is more than what you would post on your personal accounts. A strategic schedule has to be maintained with consistency and relevancy. There has to be a mix of fun news, video marketing, and educational topics. You have to stand out from you competition by being a source of information for your readers. That’s what keeps customers coming back for more!

How Can Social Media Marketing Help Your Business? 

Social media is a critical part of spreading brand awareness on other platforms besides your website. Your networks should be integrated for website optimization, which leads users to your site.

What other benefits does social media marketing provide?

  • More new visitor leads
  • Visibility across multiple social networks
  • Engagement initiation
  • Gives a face to your company
  • Immediate feedback capabilities
  • More visibility of your products and services
  • Higher sales conversion opportunities

Need Help Managing Your Social Media Platforms? 

Our SEO copywriting certified managers provide content management services that include maintaining a regular posting schedule and researching new strategy opportunities.

-> Facebook – To broaden the reach of you page, we promote your blog posts and page on a continual basis. Developing a strong posting schedule that is frequently maintained, is how we get you more page likes and followers.

-> Twitter – We make regular company promotions, industry news, and fun posts while also following other industry pages to keep up with the latest trends and to gain more followers.

-> LinkedIn – Our strategy consists of targeted company updates, SlideShare creation and promotion, In-Mail dissemination, and personal profile maintenance.

-> Google+ – Being that Google is the largest search engine around, we believe it’s vitally important to be on the social network they created. Promote your company’s information while utilizing another SEO technique.  

-> Instagram – This platform allows you to show a behind the scenes look into your company. It places a face to your brand and makes users feel like they know you on a more personal level.

-> Pinterest – This image oriented platform allows you to collect tips, tricks, and DIY info in a visually attractive way. Create boards and pin fun project ideas that your users will enjoy. Every posted pin will lead back to your website, which means more opportunity for sales conversions.

-> Reports – We analyze and track how your social media is performing and bring that data back to you for review, and further insight.

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