Texas Music Podcast

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EP 06 - The Storytellers This episode Matt and Gary discuss some of their favorite storytellers in the genre. Matt recounts the first time he embarrassed himelf in front of Guy Clark. Gary tells how Leon Redbone quiets a heckler. And we focus on the stories within AND in between the songs. Featuring Adam Carroll, Shooter Jennings, REK, and more.
What Is Texas Music?? Gary asks a question bordering on the existential and Matt gives the answer a swing with some help from Bob Wills, and the boys from Oklahoma. Plus, how does Americana stack up to Texas Music? And does Guy Clark ride the bus? Featuring Chris Knight, Hayes Carll, Bruce Robison and more.
Gary and Matt wrap up their look at live music in Texas with a nod to their own town, Conroe, Tx. Matt also recalls how a small cafe in Tomball run by a 501c became one of the premiere listening venues in Texas. And Matt decides Austin is too "touristy". Featuring Roger Creager, The Gourds, Max Stalling and more.
Matt Matthews and Gary Parker continue their conversation about live music across Texas. Both have tales about the storied Houston venue Fitzgerald's, Gary during his time as a business manager and video producer for the 80's band Tokyo and Matt as part of a bizarre night with Cory Morrow.
Matt talks about live live music in College Station, Home of Texas A&M University, and the artists and venues who made Texas Music popular in Aggieland! Gary has Matt recount stories from his 20 years of hosting songwriter showcases featuring Chris Knight, Bruce Robison, Brandon Rhyder and more.
Gary interviews Matt Matthew about his luxurious career in the Radio broadcast industry as a DJ and Program Director. Texas Music from the beginning and someone who was there!
The Texas Music Podcast is dedicated to the music of the Texas artists that changed everything. Matt Matthews has worked in the Radio Broadcasting business as a DJ, and Program Director in Texas markets for over twenty five years. He educates us on where it all started and, where we are heading down the road. Matt is joined by Gary Parker who has fifty years in the film and video industry. Gary also spent the eighties managing the band Tokyo, and a small independent record label. If you like Texas Music, and who doesn't? Sit back for some Texas Music fun.