Weekly Fall-Out Sports Talk with Eric & Bob

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Bob Slovak and Eric back again for more sports this week.
Sports editor Julio Varguas takes the seat with Eric Endicott to talk to about high school basketball playoff and go over some professional weekly highlights.
Rivalry Week in The Woodlands
Leagues vs. Parents, see who gets fired up on this topic. Of course we will be doing a Recap of last week's area High School football games as well as a Preview of this week's games. Be sure to watch till the end to get the "This week in sports History"
This week on the Fall-Out, we discuss what's going on in Sports: John Gruden and Kyrie Irving. Also we recap last week's action in High School football as well as preview for this week's games.
Weekly Fall Out is Back! High School, College and Pro sports all in one place. On this episode we talk Volleyball and the Astros. then go over CISD Football run down and weekly picks and ending with "This Day In Sports History"
Weekly Sports Fall-Out Talk Show with Mick and Bru - On this previously recorded LIVE episode the guys go over sports not being played due to the CoronaVirus (COVID-19). They announce many incoming updates on the state of players and teams in many sports realms. Then they crown who they think the winners of various games and tournements would be; by utilize some of the most high tech methods in the sports world today. You don't want to miss this one!
On this episode of Weekly Fall-Out Sports Talk: Astros getting beamed? XFL Roughnecks, Houston vs Dallas. NFL Combine results. Some Pines announcements and This Week in Sports History.
Astros = Spring Training, Getting beamed. Houston Roughnecks XFL Football P.J. and the Rockets. What your favorite...? This week in sports history and much more.
On this episode the guys dive in to Astros, Asterix’os, with a true target on their FACE. Houston Roughnecks XFL Football P.J. Walker Does it again. Then some Pines Announcements. Next then jump shot into the Rockets. Wrapping up with this day in Sports History.
The guys talk about the Astros and the scandal saga. Then XFL, Houston Roughnecks and the LA Wildcats and happening on the field. Pines announcements, 8th grade and 7u. Wrapping it up with the Rockets and This week in sports.
On this Weekly Fall-Out: Super Bowl 2020 recap, including a half time review. Complete 8U and 10U roster for The Pines. Also, this day is Sports.
On this weeks show, SUPERBOWL! the ins and outs of what's to come this coming weekend. Also the full roster from 12U Pines. Check out all the incoming boys to this seasons select playlist all this and more on the Weekly Fall-Out with Mick and Bru.
On this weeks show, They boys talk about the Battle Royale between Kansas and Kansas. Updates from the pines and the new SCFL 8U 7 11U pinups. Special guest Eric Endicott (the former SCFL President) and Rich Walters (The New SCFL President). Both in there studio with Jay to play "What Would the SCFL President Do". All this and more on the Weekly Fall-Out Sports Talk with Mick and Bru
WOODLANDS TX -- Mick and Bru back in the studio with the Weekly Fall-Out Sports Talk. On this weeks show, they will talk about Odell Beckham jr, the Titans, the Texans, the Astros and more. They will have Special Guest David Mills from the Kaliee Mills Foundation and ending the show with "This Week in Sports History". Check this out and more on the Weekly Fall-Out Sports Talk with Mick & Bru.
Weekly Fall-Out Sports Talk Show with Mick and Bru. Sports Highlights, Woodlands Online Sports Updates, Breaking News from The Pines, NFL recap and more.
Weekly Fall-Out Sports Talk Show with Mick and Bru. NFL news, Cereal Killers?, Guest Coach Sean Cash, Breaking News from the "Pines" and much much more.
Weekly Fall-Out Sports Talk Show with Mick and Bru. Check out what fell out this week, from little league to the pros and of course "This day in Sports History".
Weekly Fall-Out Sports Talk Show with Mick and Bru, first true show. Sports talk ranging from Kids pee-wee football to Adults and NFL. Golf to Soccer and everything in-between.
Weekly Fall-Out Sports Talk Show with Eric Endicott Sports talk ranging from Youth Sports, High School, College and the Pro's. All your favorite sports from Football to Golf and everything in between. Check out more at