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Mrs Jen travels the country, Brainy is the crown princess of the Nerdom and Kyle delves too deep in the Dragons Lair to locate his Texas doppelgänger, Robert.
Mark is back and chatting up Kyle about wresting, comics, movies and more on Nerd News Now.
On this heart warming episode, not all the players make it... So, who will make it to the end and who will we always remember. Join Kyle, Brainy and Mrs Jen on Nerd News Now.
Brainy joins Mrs Jen for a nerdy night or nerding out on Nerd News Now.
Did you know? If you didn't you should watch this show and find out. Kyle and Mrs Jen on Nerd News Now!
What did Mrs Jen hear? Will she come back? Was she abducted by a super villain? Will Super Kyle be able to save her?... only one way to find out.. WATCH Nerd News Now, Now!
Why would anyone still want a rotary phone? Mrs Jen has the answer. Comic Books, Movies, TV and much more on this Nerd News Now!
After this weeks excitement, what could these nerds be talking about? Find out on this episode of Nerd News Now.
That's right its award season again. Who's up, who's hot, who's not, who cares?.. Nerd do.. some of the time, check out on who on what on Nerd News Now!
Get up close and personal with the Nerds that dish out the News, now... don't forget to keep your hands and feet away from the screen at all time while the Nerds are feeding.
What will this group nerdy, comic crazed, geeks get up to this week? Tune in and find out on Nerd News Now!
See what nerdy antics they dive into this week on Nerd News Now.
Super Bowl recap, number one Comics and a non medical discussion on doctors.
What do Not great movies, the Olympics and Crypto have in common?.... check out on Nerd News Now to find out!
Mrs Jen, Kyle and Brainy try and out do each with their nerd knowing knowledge of somewhat current events. Check out what they bring to the group this time.
Round table discussion on topics only nerds would dive into. Check it out on this Nerd News Now.
Mrs Jen get a cross country delivery, TV Shows, and the upcoming where talked about on Nerd News Now.
Hey, it could happen... Will this group of nerds have the inside scoop into it?... Only one way to find out. Check out Nerd News, Now!
Is it the newest big hit by Chicago, or something else? Check out the newest episode of Nerd News Now.
The gangs all here for one last time before the end of the year. What will they talk about? Only one way to find out! Check out the show now, Nerd News Now!
Kyle, Mrs Jen and Brainy keep it spoiler free about Spiderman but gush over its awesomeness. Comics Coming out and So much more on this Nerd News Now.
Mrs Jen, Kyle, Mark and Brainy once again converge for all the Nerd News this week including movies and comic book breakdowns.
Kyle, Mrs Jen and Brainy are joined by Joey Galvez for all the Nerd News this week.
Where with this crazy train of Nerd News Go? Watch/Listen to find out, what Mark, Kyle, Mr Jen and Brainy get up to on this Nerd News Now!
This show isn't specifically talking about any thanksgivings stuff but we should all be thankful all the time for all the nerd stuff in the world! And give thank for the nerds that bring you the nerd news.... now. Happy Nerds-Giving!
Mark misses his buss and can't join the group. Kyle produces for some big names in Comics. Brainy impresses Mrs Jen with his THONG and much much more.
Kyle Liked another movie and it wasn't because of a ransomware attack. Mark, Mrs Jen and Brainy all chime in on the Nerd News this week.
Kyle falls asleep and dreams the entire show. What will they say in his minds eye? Brainy, Mark and Mrs Jen appear. Watch or listen to find out!
The one where Brainy's Dog wants all the attention! Movie, comics and more... there may be spoilers and/or cliffhangers, but don't worry if there are we will come back next episode and finish them out. Maybe. You have been warned.
Movies to go see and some to just skip. Kyle regales us with "Stories from NYCCC while hanging with some big name" and all the fun things we missed, from not being in New York City... no rope needed. And much more with Brainy, Mark and Mrs Jen.
Mrs Jen hot off the plane from the NYCCC with all the details. Brainy and Mark join in and hang out for a extra portions of Comic Books. Kyle misses the show to hang out with NYCCC celebs at a "Not That Kind of Dinner" Dinner... Find out more on Nerd News Now!
On this Nerd News Now, It sometimes rains in Southern California... want to know more? Listen and find out.
When Batman is not fighting crime, he's in a theatre watching Shang-Chi. This and much more on Nerd News Now
This week, the gang enters the Matrix to discuss the trailer for Matrix Ressurections, the longest James Bond movie ever, and this week's notable Comic releases. Plus, Kyle thinks the movie Malignant was misdiagnosed, and the group discusses the pitfalls of pricing Comic Books in real-time.
Brainy in the West, Mrs Jen in the Middle and Kyle in... Ohio. Comics, Movies, Nerd News and more!
Only two nerds materialize after a transporter malfunction, but are they are there? You Decide! Comics, Movies, industry insider and much more of Nerd News Now.
“Now listen up, we talked and now you gotta listen. Good? Good.”
Mark, Brainy, Mrs Jen and Kyle talk movies, TV, Comics and more on this Nerd News Now!
Mark, Mrs Jen and Brainy discuss "Suicide Squad", the upcoming "What If?" series, and more. Plus, Mrs. Jen gives an insightful look at Free Comic Book Day from a retailer's perspective. All that and more on this week's Nerd News Now!
Three, Two, what was that? Nerd News Now of course, with Kyle, Mark and Mrs Jen!
Mark, Kyle, Brainy and of course Mrs Jen NERD OUT, once again. Comic, Movies, pop culture and more.
Three nerd, Four Nerd, HA. Join the gang once again to hear about what's NOW in the nerdom in The Kingdom of Geekdom's Nerd News Now.
Mark and Brainy are left alone to defend the Kingdom of Geekdom on a mischievous new episode of Nerd News Now. The Dynamic Duo discuss Black Widow being a box office boss, theories for the Loki finale, and a preview of Houston's Comicpalooza. Was Black Widow worth the wait? Will Loki introduce Kang? Will Mark finally subscribe to Dog TV? Find out on this week's Nerd News Now!
Comic Nerds talk Comics and the business of comics, but first movies then comics
The one where Mark asks a question then the other Nerds talk at him for an hour. Comics, Comic Industry, Movies and more. Whats next, check it out to find out.
Kyle, Mrs Jen, Mark and Brainy talk movies, shows and of yeah Comic!
For, possibly, one night only MARK... joins Kyle, Mrs Jen and Brainy to dish out the week in Nerd News.
Chaz is back! for at least one night only. Check out the Nerd News, Movies, TV, Shows, Comics and more NOW.
Mrs Jen knows something more about music than Kyle, Brainy hops on late to join in on TV, Movies, Comics and More.
Movies, check, tv, possible, shows, maybe, comics, of course. Find out some of the ins and outs of what has gone on for comic book shop owners and the ones who love them. As well as movie updates and pop culture news.
Mrs Jen. Kyle and Brainy discuss industry chaos, but in a good way? Modak and maybe a companion and of course more...
Paper size A or size B, it can make a difference. Movies, new comics and WAY more. OH and CAT BOMB!
Sports Drama, Swarms of bugs, Churros and much more, on this Nerd News Now
Mark, Kyle, Mrs Jen and Brainy talk action movies, Oscars, Comics and more on Nerd News Now.
From TV to Comics and Food, we cover it all here on Nerd News Now!
Mark, Kyle, Brainy and Mrs Jen. From the oddities on streaming line ups, to the lowdown on the smack down from Wrestle Mania and of course comics and more.
Nothing but dudes talking smack and smack-downs on this nerd filled episode of Nerd News Now
On this episode, the one, the only, that we know of.. Dirk Manning! Dirk joins the gang to tell us all about the new projects he has coming out. He sticks around to Nerd-Geek out in the best place in the WORLD to do that, on Nerd News Now, part of the Kingdom of Geekdom. If for any reason you don't know Dirk Manning..., then join in and find out all you need to know and more!
Kyle, Brainy and Mrs Jen knock heads once again about all things Nerd-Geeky! Check all the nerds out LIVE on Monday @830ish CST on TWITCH under The Kingdom of Geekdom
Mark, Mr Jen and Kyle come head to head on .... Sport?... then Movies, Comics and more!
From coast to coast Nerds across America unite to bring you all the Geek-Nerdy news and things this week. Mrs Jen, Mark, Brainy and Kyle together again.
Brainy, Mark, Kyle and Mrs Jen bond together again to go over how the previous week's storm went, movies, TV, Comics and more.
Join Kyle, Mrs Jen and Brainy as they dive in to more Zack Snyder, Comics, Movies and Shows!
Its too cold to write a description! Zack Snyder likes to talk about things, and comics, and Five Nights with Nick Cage.
Mark, Kyle, Brainy and Mrs Jen talk sports...? Then dive in to WandaVison, with some "interesting" thoughts... Comics, Games TV and more on Nerd News Now.
What do Keanu, Arron Sorkin, and Wrestling have in common?... NERD NEWS NOW of course. Mrs Jen, Kyle, Brainy and Mark hash out all the Nerd News for this week. Stay tuned to the very end where Kyle and Mark fall down a black hole discussion... you will have to tune in to find out more!
Mark, Mrs Jen and Brainy put their nerd helmets on and talk about upcoming movies, current TV shows, comics and more... and unlike other advertised products this one has 100% no Kyle... maybe next time.
Mark, Mrs Jen, Kyle and Brainy, meet up once again to go over all things Nerdy/Geeky... from movies to tv, comics and more. This episode on the heels of the inaugural Exp Expo!
Jen and Brainy kick it off and Mark sneaks in back on another amazing episode of Nerd News Now!
Mrs Jen and Kyle are joined by Brainy and he's pretty smart too. Check all the nerdy on this episode of Nerd News Now
Last episode of the year with Mark and Mrs Jen an all things Nerdy
Mark and Mrs Jen go over all the things coming out of Disney+, Movies, TV comics... and more but know the Grinch may have eaten some of it...
Kyle Northrop joins Mrs Jen for a nerdy good time! Christmas is coming up and there is no shortage of movies on the horizon.
Mrs Jen and Mark count down the days to Christmas nerd style.
Mrs Jen and Mark nerd out over thanksgiving traditions, talk movies and of course comics
Flynn Prejean of BadMoon Studio drops in on Mrs Jen and Chaz to Nerd-Geek out! Find out how Chaz became a nerd, What Movies has Flynn recently watched and what comics are coming out this week and why. All this more!
John join a pack of nerds on a geek filled journey through the Kingdom. Movies, TV, Shows, Comics and more.
As they mourn the passing of the best on screen James Bond ever, Sean Connery, Mark, Mrs Jenn and Chaz dive into TV shows, Movies, Comics and all things nerdy.
Two peas in a pod, shot into outer space for a 3 million year journey to be sent back to earth moments before they left,.. all that and more!
crrssst - This is your Captain speak, your Pilots for the Nerd Flight are Mark and Mrs Jen.. uuuhhhh.. please site back and enjoy the ride!
On this episode of NNN, Mark is lost in Dagobah so a Princess and 2 nerdy Tuscan Raiders go on a mission to try and find the best geek news for this week. Wanna know how they did? Only one way to find out!
Three nerds, talking about nerd stuff. Streaming from their own homes so they’re not sick. Join us for an hour of up-to-date news for movies, TV and comics and more fun nerdiness.
Mark is lost in the negative zone so it's up to the the rest of the fantastic foursome to bring you the latest news on comics, tv, movies and more! What is above Super-mans pay grade? What shows and movies have been on the minds of Nerds this week? What comics have been canvasing the scene? Check out all this and more on Nerd News Now!
Kang Conquers the world of pop culture as the MCU announces their next Big Bad! Dune, now with 200% more sand! We have even more Good Times talking about upcoming TV projects like Animaniacs, and a possible Mace Windu series! Plus Batman comics, and some Videogames for good measure. So sit back and Geek Out with Ms. Jen, John, Chaz, and Mark on Nerd News Now!
The gang is back together this week and talk Joker War (duh!), going back to the theatre, the Boys, new comics and so much more this week on Nerd News Now!
Mark, Chaz, Mr Jen and John reminisce about Chadwick Boseman. Then on to movies, TV and Comics on Nerd News Now!
The Kingdom of Geekdom keeps it 100 as Nerd News Now reaches the Century mark! The discussion over DC Fandome turns into Thunderdome as Batman, Black Adam, and Suicide Squad are discussed. Local artist and comic enthusiast John joins the gang as 5 Nerds talk about 3 Jokers, Videogames, and more on Episode 100 of Nerd News Now!
The Fantastic Four are together once again! Mark, Mrs Jen, Chaz and yes Jarek too, virtually, all together, virtual, group hugs and, virtual, handshakes all around. Join us as we discuss the future of DC comics, Streaming services and their other charges as well as Comics! All that and more on our road to 100. Welcome to Nerd News Now!
This week on the show, Ms. Jen, Jarek, and Mark discuss virtual conventions vs in-person conventions, film distribution, and of course, Comics! That, plus The Boys, Doctor Who, and MacGruber??!! Grab your sonic screwdriver, and tune into Nerd News Now!
Mrs Jen, Mark and Chaz are back together for more Nerd, more New ... all right now :)
Toys, Collectables and Sports, what do they all have in common? Jacob R. Miles III!!! Back in the 80's he worked for such heavy hitters as Kenner and Hasbro. He got to meet and work with George Lucas while working on the original Star Wars toy lines. Find out what he's doing now, something big. Join Chaz as he gets to hang out and talk to Jacob R. Miles III and find out all about him!
Mark, Chaz, and Ms.Jen prep for the first virtual San Diego Comic Con! With so many panels, comics, and exclusives, what are you most excited about? Plus, Hawkeye moves forward ( a little) for Disney Plus, the gang discusses blind box collectibles, and there's a new Transformer that comes with a beach volleyball accessory??!! Nerd News Now has got your six for all the cool things happening in the Kingdom of Geekdom!!
Special Guest Justin Harder from CLAUS Studios makes it easier to Geek out on Nerd News Now, and answers the TOUGH questions like DC or Marvel? and Star Wars or Star Trek? The "Old Guard" is new on Netflix, Star Wars Strikes back at the Box Office, and Venom faces the King in Black!! All that and more this week on Nerd News Now! with Mark Blair and Jen King
TMNT returns to the big screen! Zatanna to headline a film for the DCU? Chris Hemsworth working out to play the Hulk!? No, not that Hulk.. Stargirl is greenlit for Season 2! Baby Yoda, now in comic form! Plus, Green Lantern tells Batman a secret, the Joker War is around the corner, and The Robin King claims his throne in Death Metal. All that and more, on Nerd News Now!
The Mark / Chaz duo is back, Let's all go to the movies!! In 5 months, maybe? Everything that's new is delayed again. Evil Dead Rises! Deadpool interrupts an X-Men Zoom meeting! Negan Lives! And what's Black, White, and Read all over?? The new Harley Quinn comic, of course! All that and more, on Nerd News Now!
Michael Keaton back as Batman?? Cobra Kai moves their dojo to Netflix. Why are The Fantastic Four movies always less than fantastic? In Gaming news: A Suicide Squad game is in the works, Avengers will be cross platform, and a preview of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. All this, plus new comics and SDCC exclusives. I pity the fool who misses this podcast!!
Just when we thought new movies were extinct, Jurassic World 3 is about to resume filming! Stephen King has a killer idea for a Friday the 13th novel! The Playstation 5 swings into action with Miles Morales!! And in comics, it's all about the Joker! All of that and more, on this edition of Nerd News Now!
In the world of comics, DC and Diamond part ways, and the Eisner nominees are announced! Batwoman is coming back for season 2... without Batwoman?? Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter remind the Class of 2020 to Be Excellent to Each other. Elmer Fudd comes back with all new accessories! Rev up your chainsaw, Evil Dead 4 is in the works! All that buzz and more, on Nerd News Now!
Labyrinth sequel confirmed! Ryan Gosling as the Wolfman! As Ruby Rose puts down the cowl of Batwoman, who should pick it up? New Star Wars figures incoming! Catwoman turns 80!! The cast of Lord of the Rings joins Josh Gad for an episode of Reunited Apart. When it comes to podcasts, YOU SHALL NOT PASS (this up). Hit play for Nerd News Today!!
Fans are getting a new edit of the Justice League. Will Han's story get a sequel, or will it just continue to be Solo? Sony and Spiderman hit the Jackpot. Will HBO entice you to MAX out your streaming services?
Nerds + Now + Now, Oh yeah! The Gangs all here together again for an exciting show. Check it out.
Nerds on a digital parade, Movies, TV, News, Comics and more
Nerd round table back again! #NerdNews #Movies #TV #comics and more.
Nerd News Now with Mark and Chaz, on the front line of it all.
Nerd in a box, in box, in a box? Still under quarantine but packed with news an goings on. From movies to comics and everything in-between.
Still under quarantine the crew been them selves in to our virtual studio to bring you all the Nerd News this week. Movies, Comics, TV and more. Technology isn't always on our side, as Chaz quickly found out this week. BUT rest assured, he will be back!
Nerds in a BOX! Chaz, Jen and Mark port there likeness in from the inter-webs to our virtual studio to bring us all the Nerdy News this week.
On this episode, quarantine edition, the guys are socially distanced so far that they are now stock in time skewed boxes on the screen, except for Jarek... They talk about shows and movies to watch while on lock down, comics and then Jarek play "SYFY Movie or Not" where he tells you 3 plots to movies and they guys guess which is not real.
Mrs Jen and Jarek cautiously join forces as Chaz and Mark are fighting the good fight on a mission of untold glory... how untold,... so untold, we can't tell YOU! Be sure and drink your Ovaltine and WAS YOUR HANDS!
As the CoronaVirus COVID-19 takes over Calamity Jen and Chaz prepared for the futrue as Mark phones it in... literately. Movies, TV Comics and more.
Two Nerd lock and loaded! On this episode they talk about Pixars Onward, Batmobiles through the ages, Black widow, 3 Jokes, "Last of Us" and a spacial phone call from Reno NV as Jarek phones it in from GAMA.
On this episode of Nerd Food Now? Hope you ate before you listen... Movies, horror in 2020 hits an all time high. TV, Wandavision and the possibility of She-Hulk. Comics, Comics Comics. All this and more on Nerd News Now.
Back Once again - Four Nerds, One Room! and they all fit too. What went on at ComicsPro? a Mrs Jen exclusive-ish... Some big news in Comics and what to expect. SOMETHING NEW "SyFy or Not?" a new game by Jarek where he describes three movies. Two are real SyFy movies and one is NOT. Can you figure it out before he spills the beans?
Issues with SySy, bad sci-fi and Horror movies, Harley Quinn. A talk about the Sonic The Hedgehog movie and other video game movies. Can you guess the highest grossing world wide box office movie made from a video game. And, the universe through Mrs Jen!
Down to only 2 Nerds on this episode! The Oscars, a full break down of the movie Harley Quinn, I mean, Birds of Prey.. or rather Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey? New shows on Netflix, Locke & Key based on a graphic novel and of course comics
Bad Boys III takes the box office for the third straight week. First big comic movie release of the year hits this weekend. Super Bowl commercials, first clip of Falcon/Winter Soldier and Wanda-Vision with a Loki zinger. As well as comics and much much more.
Find out about Mrs Jen's road trip to San Diego in Virgil, to pick up 32,000 comics (no joke)... TV nostalgia, Comicpalooza CP365, Oscar nominated Movies, other movies and of course Comics.
Yet another trilogy dominates the box office. Doctor Who runs into Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison, as well as other from throughout history. The Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover officially wrapped up. Nerd News Now will be apart of the Comicpalooza Podcast Battle Royale with Cheese completion coming Jan 25th at 6pm. All this and much more on Nerd News Now.
Mrs Jen, Chaz and Jarek, bring you more Movies, TV, Pop Culture and Comics on Nerd News Now. In this episode they discuss The Oscars Nominations, a new Dracula TV Series, Mission Impossible, Iron Man 2020, and more. Questions for thought: if you had super powers would you use them for good or evIl, and which power would you choose? Tune in to see the hosts' answers!
Mrs Jen, Mark and Jarek together again for the first time this year, 2020
The jolly nerds band together to bring Nerd News, Movies, Comics and ugly sweaters.
Chaz, Jarek, Mrs Jen and Mark embark on a pop culture filled journey through Movies, Comics, TV Show and more
Green Monday, so we are told... with Mark, Jarek and Mrs Jen. Talking about movie, comics and the Golden Globes.
Mark, Jarek and Mrs Jen are back with Nerd News, Movies, comics and more
Mark and Mrs Jen talk turkey, and more turkey, then Movies, Comics ending with an awesome phone interview with Matt Rosenberg
The Four Hoursman of Nerd News ride again on Nerd News Now!... NOW with "Nerd of The Roundtable" check it out...
Sit back with Mark, Jen and Jarek as they go in-depth on Nerd News, Movies, TV shows, and Comics. The group continues on as Knights of Nerdom in a round table discussion on Streaming Services.
Nerd News from around the world, NOW. Pop Culture, Movie, TV Shows, Comics, Industry News and going on all in one place and time brought to you by the finest of Nerd-Geeks of the land. Check out more at