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March 05, 2021
Jay and Sean discuss the fallout from Snowmageddon, then deep dive into their own unique perspectives on the events of the past four weeks.
Purple Politics - 019 - Snowmageddon
January 29, 2021
Jay and Sean discuss a sampling of the bills being introduced in the Texas State Legislature (you won't believe how many there are!) and then get into an involved discussion on President Biden's flurry of executive orders and actions in his first...
Purple Politics - 018 - Local Legislature, President Biden's Very Busy First Week
January 23, 2021
Jay and Sean dissect the inauguration of Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States.
Purple Politics - 017 - 46th Inauguration
January 15, 2021
Jay and Sean wish the Texas State Legislature good luck on its first day in session and discuss the local ramifications of COVID in Montgomery County. Next comes a follow-up report on the 'Capitol storm' event, and Sean presents his 'What's Going...
Purple Politics - 016 - Good Luck and COVID in MOCO
January 07, 2021
Sean and Jay go over current news, with the political protest and Siege on the Nations Capital, as well as Texas State and Local News.
Purple Politics - 015 - The Siege
January 07, 2021
Sean is back with a new host Jay Stittleburg. Nation, State and Local policies from both sides of the isle.
Purple Politics - 014 - New Year, New Host
October 09, 2020
Amy and Sean go over SCOTUS and the 2020 Presidential Debates.
Purple Politics - 013 - Debating the Presidential Debates
October 02, 2020
To Tweet or Not to tweet, should that be the question? Sean and Amy also go over various aspects on voting. Things to know before and during voting. Be sure and VOTE!
Purple Politics - 012 - To Tweet or Not
September 17, 2020
Amy and Sean go over the ins and outs of the local election and the election in general coming up real soon. Be sure to be registered and ready when the times come to #Vote!
Purple Politics - 011 - Local Elections and Voting
August 31, 2020
Sean and Amy start out talking about the Democratic and Republican party conventions for the 2020 Presidential election. They also branch off into other areas, finishing up with conventions and thoughts on the future.
Purple Politics - 010 - Political Conventions
August 25, 2020
Amy and Sean go over each parties ticket for the 2020 Presidential election.
Purple Politics - 009 - On the 2020 Tickets
August 17, 2020
Amy and Sean discuss schools in the Age of Corona
Purple Politics - 008 - School in the Age of Corona
August 10, 2020
Sean and Amy discuss their perspective on Mail-in ballot debate for the upcoming presidential election
Purple Politics - 007 - Mail-in Ballot Debate
August 03, 2020
Sean Thompson joins Amy for more friendly debate on political topics as well as some great information from Amy about the upcoming nonpartisan elections.
Purple Politics - 006 - New Host, More Politics
July 20, 2020
Amy and Bryan discuss some Supreme Court rulings, pertaining to religious, healthcare and unemployment.
Purple Politics - 005 - Supreme Court Rulings
July 13, 2020
Amy and Bryan discuss the politicization of the Covid-19 pandemic. This question brought to them by viewers email. If you have a political question you would like them to talk about please email them at WoodlandsPurplePolitics@Gmail.com
Purple Politics - 004
July 06, 2020
Amy and Bryan debate term limits as well as the role of precinct and county chairs during the Primary season.
Purple Politics - 003
June 29, 2020
Ever wonder what a political convention is or how each party sets these events up? In this episode we dive into the inner workings of each party. We aim at helping the community better understand how political parties work...
Purple Politics - 002
June 22, 2020
Meet the host of Purple Politics, Republican Bryan Christ and Democrat Amy Hamrick Lewis. Purple politics aims to be a place for all sides to discuss political issues as well as political educating the community.
Purple Politics - 001