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February 14, 2019
Afternoon tea with the Ladies at the Hummingbird Tea Room.
Fickle Females - 014 - Hummingbird Tea Room
February 07, 2019
The ladies checked out the new Tapped DraftHouse & Kitchen off 1488, Beer, Wings and Fries, Oh my!
Fickle Females - 013 - Tapped DraftHouse & Kitchen
December 18, 2018
Kim and Rhonda are getting ready for a party and what better way than to pick up some scratch made delights and imported treats from The British Depot. They also, got some export help from the owner Sarah.
Fickle Females - 012 - The British Depot 2018
November 29, 2018
Popping up this time at Victory Pie Co! Kim and Rhonda sit down and chat with the owner about her story and her pies.
Fickle Females - 011 - Victory Pies 2018
November 22, 2018
The ladies Pop in to the Brick and Brew located in the Culinary Courtyard to chat with owner Jennifer and check out the food and the drink!
Fickle Females - 010 - Brick and Brews 2018
October 18, 2018
The Ladies POP up at Deacon Baldy's to try out all the food.. and I do mean ALL!
Fickle Females - 008 - Deacon Baldy's
October 10, 2018
Kim and Rhonda POPup at the Woodlands BBQ Festival, benefiting Pulmonary Hypertension. They tasted food from all over The Woodlands, did interviews, checked out the sights and listened to the awesome live music.
Fickle Females - 008 - Woodlands BBQ Fest Special
October 04, 2018
Kim and Rhonda head over to the Bar...? rather Pure Barre at Hughes Landing, The Woodlands.
Fickle Females - 007
September 20, 2018
Kim and Rhonda head over to RC Pizza on Sawdust to check in with RC himself and see all the new things going on. Its not just Pizza!
Fickle Females Sept. 19, 2018
September 14, 2018
Kim & Rhonda WORK IT OUT at CrossFit of Aces.
Fickle Females - Sept. 12, 2018 - 005
September 04, 2018
Kim & Rhonda stop by Julio's on Sawdust for Margaritas and Puffy Tacos... then a quick trip over to Casa Medina on I45 for their famous Avocado Margarita.
Fickle Females - 004
August 31, 2018
Kim & Rhonda head over to Herb & Beet to see how they can turn a Beet into something great to eat.