6- Weeks Unlimited Classes For Only $199

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Expires On: Jun 20, 2024

Looking to learn effective self-defense skills? Look no further than Condition 1 Combat Center! Our school offers a variety of combat sports training programs that can help you learn to protect yourself and your family in any situation.
Combat sports are designed to prepare you for real-world combat scenarios, with training focused on developing both physical and mental strength. By practicing combat sports, you'll improve your balance, coordination, and reflexes while also gaining the confidence and discipline needed to stay calm and focused under pressure.
Our experienced instructors will teach you a variety of striking, grappling, and defense techniques, giving you the tools you need to defend yourself against any type of attack.
So if you're ready to take your self defense skills to the next level, come train with us. Our combat sports programs are designed to be applied directly to self-defense! Contact us today to learn more and take advantage of our 6-Week Unlimited Classes Promotion for only $199!

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