Voters have an option

By: Ryan E.
| Published 02/27/2014


Dear Letter to the Editor:

With early voting coming to an end, but election day, on Tuesday March 4th, the Congressional race has been a hot topic. As a voter, I informed myself to vote for Craig McMichael, a Patriot not a Politician. My reasoning is simple. Kevin Brady is a nice guy, but it's time for him to be replaced. He's been there for over 16 years, and we need new blood in Washington D.C. Craig McMichael's strong belief in restoring the constitution, term limits, a zero based budget, won my vote over. His speeches on youtube are encouraging, and his passion to serve again shows. His experience serving in the Marines for 10 years, demonstrate the integrity and passion he has for this country that he will uphold as a congressman. I have seen the same politics that Kevin Brady has used each election year. Using the IRS as a selling point, and the current President as well. But why can't he run on his record and what he has done? It's time for a Patriot.

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